WordPress Hosting in Ireland: Keep it Local

WordPress Hosting in Ireland

Not having the right hosting package for your WordPress site could be wasting your time and costing you money.

If you are in Ireland, then the performance of your site could be suffering from an international hosting company.

WordPress hosting in Ireland is convenient with excellent local customer support, and you can’t get the same level of support with those other hosting companies.

Using local hosting is a real benefit no matter where you live, and that includes Ireland. Read on to learn more.

Local WordPress Hosting in Ireland

It is essential for a business to pick Irish WordPress hosting if the audience you wish to target is from Ireland or the surrounding regions.

Many companies based in Ireland have earned good profits by choosing local web hosting services.

There are many perks a business can enjoy when they use the services of a local Ireland web hosting company.

We could not list all of them but have highlighted them below.

Hosting with a Local Provider Means Faster Service

Every website user or visitor wants a website that has high speed and quick responses. Experts have even said; a locally hosted site is faster by three times as much than a website with international hosting.

This means that if you choose a local Irish web hosting service, you will give your customers quick response time and faster access.

Slow Websites Lose Return Visitors & Revenue

A website is your companies face on the internet. A customer who visits a website that operates slowly and is not able to keep the viewer engaged with the site is likely never to return.

This will cause losses to your business in both reputation and revenue.

Local Means Lower Risk

If you decide to go with an internationally hosted website and you have any issues you need help with, the time difference will make working with customer support less than optimum, making ticket resolution take way longer than it should.

Also, the physical network is much longer which means there is more equipment to maintain and the potential for failure is higher.

Even if the possibility for failure is just a few percent, would you be willing to give away 2% of your revenue?

By adopting a local web hosting service provider, a company who can quickly respond to any issue, this will reduce your risk.

Fast Response Time for Support Request

Expecting on-site customer support from an international web hosting company might not be as easy as it would be with a local hosting company.

It will take longer for an international client to come to your location and help you out, a local Irish WordPress hosting service provider can be at your site the same day, usually within the hour.

Local web hosting services providers offer 24/7 support and ensure that you can reach them whenever you need their help.

WordPress Requirements

Now that you know why going with the best WordPress hosting in Ireland is a real advantage for your business, here are the WordPress requirements and some different types of hosting to consider.

WordPress’ minimal requirements are rather insignificant. All you will need is a server using PHP version 5.2.4 or higher and MySQL 5.0.15 or greater to operate WordPress.

In plain English, what this signifies is that every host is technically effective at managing WordPress. However, that does not mean that servers are equal in regards to conducting WordPress.

If you would like to go beyond only”hosting a WordPress website,” then a quality WordPress hosting in Ireland will allow you to operate WordPress better.

Shared WordPress Hosting

With shared Irish WordPress hosting, your website will”share” a server with other sites.

Your server will continue to be performance-optimized for WordPress so you will not need it all to your self.

Along with the functionality tweaks, you will also have access to a kind of a one-click WordPress installer. Honestly, this is not anything unusual because cPanel (on many hosts) currently contains a one-click WordPress installer.

However, some shared WordPress hosts will take it a step farther and provide you the choice of pre-installing WordPress.

VPS WordPress Hosting

VPS hosting is generally for bootstrap startups and individuals with a bit more WordPress or development expertise.

They’re the DIY crowd. These people are usually still attempting to conserve cash, but they’re also typically worried about functionality and comprehend its significance in the success of their enterprise.

The DIY approach can reduce prices, but also, it suggests that you’re liable if something breaks, even for optimizing your machine for functionality.

The DIY approach can be fantastic, but it could also backfire on you if you are not careful. Do not go this route if your only reason is that you would like to experiment!

As a business owner, you need to spend your time where it is going to help grow your business the most. So hobbies aside, your time may be better spent elsewhere.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This hosting is usually for little to midsize companies, higher traffic sites, and businesses searching for a professional business with the best WordPress hosting.

This audience understands that a handled WordPress hosting is a fantastic investment since it saves them workforce time, and generally offers better performance as it is okay for your CMS.

Strategies for handled WordPress hosting generally vary anywhere from €25 to €150 per month or longer depending on the size of your website and requirements.

Not All WordPress Hosting Companies Are The Same

Two companies can offer the same services, but that does not make them the same.

We have mentioned all of the benefits WordPress hosting in Ireland can provide.

We have pointed out where international companies will fall short compared to a local hosting company based in Ireland.

Running a business is serious and cannot be left to chance with a hosting company that does not have your WordPress website or companies best interest in mind.

If you are located in Ireland and want to take your hosting solution to the next level contact us today to get started.