Why Every Business Needs Two Step Verification for Security

two step verificationtwo step verification

two step verification

In the United Kingdom alone, hacking and cryptojacking have increased by 1200% in the past year. That’s a markedly huge increase, which represents a big threat to your business.

One way your business can protect itself from these attacks is with two-step verification. A two-step verification system makes it much more difficult for those with nefarious intent to get into your company’s site.

Read on for more information as to why your company should consider adding two-step verification for everything it does online.

What is Two-Step Verification?

In order to understand why two-step verification is so important, you’ll need to understand what it is.

Two-step verification is the process of signing into a website or a server with two steps. This may look different for each website, but some examples of two-step verification include asking for a password and then texting a code to a number or asking for a fingerprint.

Two-step verification makes it impossible, or at least extremely difficult, for someone to enter your site just by randomly guessing the password.

As many people use predictable passwords, even larger companies are guilty of this. This makes it just that much more difficult for people who want to hack in.

Who Would Want to Hack Into My Businesses’ Website?

You may be surprised as to who is interested in hacking into your website. Even if your business is tiny and only caters to a niche population, there are still people interested in hacking into it.

You may wonder who is interested in hacking into hospital databases, for example, but this can be a very lucrative business for some. Wannacry, for example, hacked into the NHS or National Health Service, for the United Kingdom.

This took many users’ private information, giving them access to it. It was also possibly part of a larger scheme to interfere in Britain’s politics.

Unfortunately, Wannacry and similar bugs are still a threat to security, so it’s important that your business is protected.

Malware can also take hold of your computer without proper protection.

Multi-Step Logins Increase Security

It goes without saying that using multi-step log-ins make security a lot better for many companies. With multi-factor or multi-step login, you can be sure only your employees are logging in to the system.

With multi-step logins, you can use a wide range of technology to keep logins only available to those who work in your company. Some technology allows for fingerprints, as we mentioned above. Others will allow for things like voice recognition or optics.

This also keeps you safe in the event that someone breaks into the facility and hacks into your computer while physically there. Without the second step, they won’t be able to log in.

It Can Allow Employees to Work on the Go

With increased security, you can be sure that your employees are keeping secret information where it should be. Many two-step authentication websites offer employees the option of going mobile.

With these mobile two-step verifications, employees can log in and access secure data while on the go, and you can make sure it stays in safe hands.

This means that employees won’t need to go to a single center necessarily to access the information they need to continue working. This streamlines your productivity and allows for employees to get more done during the workday.

It can also allow for ease of access when employees are working from home or away doing business for your company.

It Can Make Logging In More Simple

In some cases, multi-factor identification allows for you to skip passwords. This means that your employees will log in with two things, like their face and their finger prints, or their finger print and voice.

This allows your company to streamline login details so that employees don’t have to waste time logging in with a password. It also means that they won’t have to be guessing their password if they’ve forgotten, and sit there having to wait while its reset.

Doing Away with Passwords Altogether Increases Productivity

Have you ever had a shared company computer that had a sticky note with the password on it? Already, this is a security hazard, as anyone can then access your company files by coming into your work.

But, have you ever had a company computer where the management asks you to change the password every so often? Many times, these password changes mean that people forget which password they’re using. This can give way to people asking one another what passwords are, and shouting them out to each other.

It can also mean that people will write down passwords in order to attempt to not forget them, but leave them in vulnerable places.

Multi step verification tools can either eliminate passwords or simply ensure that leaving one around doesn’t create these issues.

If someone finds a password tucked away, and it happens to be correct, it doesn’t mean they can access your system.

Should My Company Employ Two-Step Verification?

Two-step verification is vital for any company or business that wishes to keep their data secure. And no matter what business you’re in, this should be a priority for you.

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