What is cPanel and How Can It Benefit My Website?

Are you sick and tired of the pains of managing a website? We know we are. It’s a headache to work around the complicated interface that some hosting services have.

This is why we love cPanel. It’s one of the oldest web control panels on the internet. The thing’s more than 20 years old and it’s still one of the most relevant interfaces to use.

What is cPanel? Why do people like us use it?

Beginners and experienced administrators love it. You need to use it for your own website.

Want to know why? Here are all the benefits cPanel can give to you. Take advantage of it.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that lets you control every part of your website. The thing that made cPanel popular is its simplification. It simplified all the processes that you can do within your site.

The people behind the system update it, adding patches and improvements as needed. Even people with little experience managing websites are able to take care of their hosted servers with cPanel.

The entire thing is Linux-based, so there’s a lot of community support. Experts can get a lot of mileage out of the entire system, making it useful for any skill level.

What are Some Features of cPanel?

cPanel features many elements empowering its users. It can make administration a piece of cake. This is with the combination of simple point and click software in the system.

A few of the cPanel features include:

  • Built-in Mail accounts
  • Configurable web hosting security
  • Domain creation and management tools
  • Third-party software add-ons
  • File monitoring
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL database Management
  • Performance tracking with Analytics

There’s a lot more you can do with how easy-to-use the administration tools are. To further understand what cPanel hosting is, let’s do a deep dive on how cPanel benefits your website.

How Can cPanel Benefit My Website?

cPanel makes website administration a snap. The entire goal of the system is to give its end users a simpler experience compared to other interfaces.

An easier time taking care of the back end gives you more time to do other things. Even if you’re not a fully-trained webmaster, its ease of use boosts productivity.

Beyond the end-user experience, it can make your website a lot better. Its feature-rich environment enables robust and dynamic websites to run.

Here are a few more benefits on what cPanel is and what it can do for your website.

Ease of Use

We can’t stress it enough how important ease of use is when it comes to web interfaces. A lot of what is cPanel hosting all about is making the interface graphical.

Graphical interfaces are easy to use, well-organised, and easy to find. It’s icon-based, so even if you’re not sure about what it means, you can decipher it.

This is far simpler than some control panels which give you tons of choices hidden in drop-down menus. Everything you need is on one panel.

Wide OS Support

cPanel is Linux-based. It supports the most popular web server operating systems on the market.

Choose between CentOs, Free BSD, Redhat, Fedora, and even Debian. This wide support means there are more web hosting companies you can rely on.

Let’s say you have an Irish web hosting service in mind for your Ireland business. You like them because of their Ireland data centres and resources. They may have a cPanel supported platform ready.

Whatever part of the world you start your business, there is a web host that supports cPanel for sure. Keep in mind that cPanel receives regular updates too, ensuring it will always remain an effective tool in an ever-changing online world.

Third Party Software Integration

cPanel’s ability to integrate third-party tools and software is powerful. It can help make your website more responsive and dynamic. It’s there to give you the best user experience, so you can get as many of the best applications for your business.

Some important applications can help make your site get more robust. WordPress and Joomla are popular add-ons for blogs and informational sites and Magento for e-commerce are a few of what you can add through the cPanel interface. Softaculous and Fantastico are a few more add-ons which can make your life much easier.

Solid Knowledge Base and Community

It’s one of the most used end-user web hosting panels in the world. It’s also one of the most supported.

There’s an entire community of enthusiasts for cPanel. The knowledge base for the entire system is not only extensive but also up to date. If there’s something you don’t know about how to use cPanel, all you need to do is check the knowledge base.

If you’re a novice, there’s also a lot of blogs on the internet. Many of them take care of users who are not knee deep in technical information.

Built-in Mail Creation

If you’re looking for website hosting, chances are you’re looking towards professional output. If you are going the pro route, it’s smart to also have an email account within the same domain. What is cPanel hosting without its email creation tools?

This standard feature is what cPanel is all about. You’re not getting a separate mail hosting platform. What you get integrates into your tools.

You can also control all your mail behaviour. Control how the autoresponders work. Control the forwarders.

Most important of all, however, is if you do away with your free Gmail or Hotmail account. Nothing screams professionalism more than having an @yourdomain.tld email address.

Simple Database Management

Database creation and management are one of the best cPanel features. In the past, what you do is hire an experienced database administrator. They train to take care of all the data tables through spreadsheets.

cPanel made it much easier to take care of that. cPanel shows you what you need to know about your database. From hierarchies to what to import and export to how to optimise your tables, you’ll find it in on your interface.

Easier Website Builders and Templates

Once you learn how to use cPanel, one of the first things you can dabble with are the website builders. cPanel has hundreds of robust templates you can choose from. Their templates have professional looks and user-friendliness in mind, so you get a robust system in place.

This can save you thousands of euros spent on labour. Whilst professional site builders are awesome, they’re also costly.

Hiring coders, web designers, and other IT professionals can cost thousands. With a little bit of testing and learning, you can create a website which is yours. Your entire website made by your own hands.

Marketing and SEO Plugins

There’s no website on the internet that can survive without digital marketing and SEO. This makes SEO tools a staple product of the webmaster. With cPanel, you can integrate these tools with ease.

Our favourite is none other than the Attracta plugin. This powerful tool lets you create XML sitemaps. It can also help you find and fix SEO errors according to the known areas of Google’s search algorithms.

Every website needs traffic. By using cPanel, you can make this much easier through its SEO and digital marketing plugins.

Frequent Updates and Bug Fixes

Do you know why cPanel is still relevant after being on the market for 20 years? It’s due to its creators releasing frequent bug fixes, updates, and security patches.

You can upgrade as high or as low as you want, depending on what you need. Every new vulnerability on its system gets fixed as soon as possible. The community is also protective and reports bugs and exploits on the regular.

Release notes, change logs, and documentation is available on the official website. This lets you follow through its development and see how it helps your website in every update.

Low Cost

With what cPanel is packing in its feature-rich user interface, you would think getting it for your websites can make it priced at a premium. The thing is, cPanel is affordable beyond any of its competitors.

Depending on your local web hosting service, the cost of a cPanel domain can go anywhere from 36 euros a year up to around 60 euros a year, not counting other costs. That nets you a cost of 5 euros a month, which is dirt cheap.

If you’re buying cPanel straight out of a dedicated server provider, you can get it for as low as 22 euros per month. This is far cheaper than buying straight from the source. cPanel sells licensing agreements that can cost you hundreds of euros per month, per license.

Make the Most of Your Advantages with cPanel

What is cPanel? What does it mean for you as a webmaster?

cPanel makes your life as a website owner easier, faster, and more intuitive. It lets you spend more time taking care of your content and less of the technicalities.

It’s intuitive, easy to use, and graphical. That’s why cPanel has been one of the go-to web admin control panels for more than two decades. That’s why we offer it to you.

This level of dedication made us within the top 3 fastest growing Irish domain providers. With data centres and resources poured into Ireland’s web space, you can rely on superior service only we can provide.

Talk to us and see how an Irish web and domain service provider sets you up for success. Host your website with us and find out how professional support feels like.