Top 5 Best Content Management Systems

content management systems

The content on your site carries as much weight as any other marketing tool. While may seem irrelevant to most, content management is a section under digital marketing that allows for one to monitor their websites, blogs, and online activity. The software used to create and manage your digital content are content management systems.

Vendors that offer services such as web hosting, VPS and shared hosting, allow for customization of work, creation of web pages, distribution, management and publishing of work. As technology improves so does this software.

To be in total control of your content, you need the best content management system that will overhaul your work as a whole. Something quick and easy. Luckily for you, here are the five best content management systems.

Best Content Management Systems

You have learned what are content management systems. One last thing to know is the types of content management systems that exist. There is content software that is specific to videos such as Vimeo pro and Panapto. And, there is document content software such as Microsoft share point Online.

All these have the purpose of ensuring all your content is arranged, customized and easier to handle. Now let’s cross over and look into the two systems you can use to promote and manage your online content.


Very common in the industry, this CMS tool allows for autonomy. Various tools to choose from and a variety of themes to use.

Launched in the year 2003, it has been an overnight sensation. It features packages for tour website or blog alongside other many tools for your convenience. Personalization is very easy with premade and 3rd party themes, templates for all industry news.

It’s a great system with a custom domain and included images, videos and ability to control content. This revolutionized software allows for a self-maintaining, self-containing website.

You can manage all your data from any device regardless of a tab, phone, computer or laptop. They have plugins and creative designs experiments which mean you will not need to outsource from anywhere else again.

This CMS platform is built with comments section, publishing tools, user management interfaces, and full standards compliance. There’s nothing else you will need with this platform.

2. Acquia

Another performing content management system is Acquia. It takes content managing to a whole new level. Easy to use, clean interface and inexpensive packages. An open source cloud-based platform that offers digitized content management and e-commerce and community integration.

Acquia is very common for companies that want a boost in their digital presence and deliverance of top quality customer satisfaction and experiences. Unlike other platforms, the software has platform as a service, PaaS, rather than SaaS. Hence the great ratings.

The software has a high level of security designed by great developers and leading technicians. They can create complex applications without problems as well as creating organizers for all your work including a unified contact list for the brand.

3. Brightcove

Learning how to use content management systems can be difficult, not with Brightcove. Offering a range of online video solutions, this open source software can be used to deliver one of the most exemplary video contents seen on the internet.

The software allows for content to be divided into two:

● Media – an easy platform that consolidates all your online content. Works best for content distribution and publishing.
● Brand – works to market content thought videos to advertise and attract clients.

Brightcove offers amazing features like transcoding, video library management, a marketing platform, Web hosting platform, and a commerce platform. This CMS platform has one of the greatest content management software there are.

With its comprehensive video platform, the software has allowed for full range marketing and video publishing the easy way.

Pricing on this software is on a quote basis. Which means you will only pay for the services and features you use. Hence very economical for uses individually and commercially as a company.

4. Drupal

Digital marketing requires to be different, unique and flavorful in your content managing. The wrong theme could place the wrong attention and discourage the target audience from you. Drupal establishes a community publishing system where all data is ranked similar to social media.

The site is integrated into providing many services all at one including e-commerce, forums, blogging platforms, and even communication systems. This open source system can be used to boost the website performance for free.

With features such as advanced user management, themes, templates and menu management you management these tools to create and manage your websites, blogs, campaigns, and social media appearance.

It also includes packages that are rather pocket-friendly and easy to use and install to your Sever.

5. Sitecore

Last but not least is Sitecore. A mere definition of what is content management. This integrated system aids you with customer care and feedback. A major principle in business is that the customer is always right.

Sitecore CMS offers to customize and integrate all your customer data into manageable data. Segmented and personalized to fit all your needs. You can easily control all the information you post to your customers.

The vendor being focused on customer experience and satisfaction, they believe in personal digital experience for all their customers. Each and every individual will have a customized web experience with incredible features.

Their systems are backed up using robust web CMS which offers added safety and security measures to their users. Easy to use and affordable packaging. They are one of the greatest content management systems.

Develop Your Web Hosting

There are so many Content management systems over the internet. While others offer web hosting others have VPS and shared hosting. Being able to easily monitor your customers, their needs, and control the content is all that business wants. Above we have taken our time to review the top five best management systems.

Based on our top picks, get yourself web hosting to take care of all your online data content fast and easy. Contact us so we can guide you on the best way forward.