Skyrocket Your Skills: The Unexpected Benefits of Learning to Code as a Business Owner

benefits of learning to code

The average business spends anywhere from €2,000 to €20,000 on having a website created. Saving money in this area is just one of the benefits of learning to code.

The good news is, learning how to code can be achieved by anyone. If you’re curious about the benefits of coding, or how to get started, read on for more information.

What is Code

Chances are when you hear the word “code” you imagine something similar to Neo from The Matrix, deciphering random symbols on a computer screen. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that complex.

In it’s simplest form, code is the language used between computers to create any experience we have, from the moment we turn it on to the moment we visit a website.

By being a business owner that knows and understands code, you can open up a number of doors that determines how your audience interacts with your business.

Types of Code

While code could be described as a language itself, there are several languages that fall within “coding”. Before diving into studying code, it’s important to know which form of code you want to learn.


HTML can be considered the original granddaddy of code, but don’t underestimate it. It continues to be one of the most frequently used code languages today.

In fact, most major corporation websites are built on HTML. This code language focuses more on functioning and easily taking visitors from one place to the next.


CSS, which came shortly after HTML, can be considered the paintbrush of code languages. This format of code focuses primarily on the front end and design aspect of your website.

CSS can help you do anything from switching up your font style to change the colors used on your website.


JavaScript is considered more of a compliment to CSS and HTML than as a language by itself. Its main function is to enhance speed and make sites mobile friendly (which is incredibly important these days).

In fact, learning a bit of all three may be your best bet in the long run.

What Can Code Be Used For

Code can be used in a number ways, however, for business purposes, they are best used for creating websites, mobile apps, or tools for your audience.

It’s recommended to first carve out the initial goals of your business, and then find how coding can help you reach those goals. Working with a marketing department can also help you define these efforts.

The Benefits of Learning to Code

So why learn code yourself? From saving money to controlling changes on your website, there are countless reasons why first-hand code experience can come in handy.

Save Money

First and foremost, knowing code can save you major cash. Hiring a web developer can cost anywhere from €50-€300 an hour. While in some cases, the help of a web developer may be required (like in the event of a major crash), in other cases simple coding can do the trick.

After all, do you really want to spend €50 every time you want to change a color or upload a new picture?

There’s an App for That

Mobile usage continues to steadily increase and having your own app is a great way to create a more hands-on experience for your audience. Unfortunately, custom app creation can cost thousands of dollars.

You can make this process much easier (and cheaper) by knowing some app coding skills or by simply playing a role in coding your website. This will help translate your website to an app format without the help of an app developer.

Make Changes on the Fly

Sometimes changes need to be made quickly on your website, especially when it comes to things like uploading events or changing prices.

Unfortunately, unless you have a personal web developer (which is pricey), you’ll have to wait until a freelance developer has the time. In some cases, you may even have to pay extra for a rush job to be done.

However, if you know a bit of code, you can make the changes you need the moment you need them.

Enhance Your Templates

There are a number of sites that offer stunning and affordable templates for your businesses websites. However, it’s important to remember that many of the template creators count on making extra money off of customizations.

Don’t fall for this bait and switch act. Learn enough code to make the changes yourself, and purchase a website for a reasonable price.

Go Beyond Plugins

Need your site to perform an extra task, like adding a members portal or a special calculator? You could go the plugin route, but there’s a catch here.

First, many plugins require you to purchase the pro package in order to receive all the benefits. Then, even if you choose to upgrade to higher tier packages, there’s always the risk that one plugin glitch can cause the whole site to crash.

Avoid this problem by building your tools yourself, and holding full customization abilities. This will also make it easier to fix if there’s an error in the future, as you won’t rely on the original app author to make the repair.

Where to Learn Code

So do you need to go back to school to get coding down? Not necessarily. There are a number of online courses that can help you learn coding basics, that won’t break the bank.

If you’re just getting a feel of things you can also start by checking out the various video tutorials on youtube.

Getting the Most Out of Your Business Website

Having full control over your website is just one of the benefits of learning to code. However, there are more factors than coding that go into creating a great business website.

Having a fast, responsive web hosting platform can also benefit your ranking and site performance. If you’re curious about how our hosting platform can help you, contact us today for more information.