How to SSH to Your Ireland Based VPS Server

If you have chosen to run your website on a Virtual Private Server from your web hosting provider, then congratulations! You’re in the company of businesses that recognize the advantages of sophisticated technology and speedy page and email response.

You know that your hosting company will take care of your machine maintenance, so you are freed up to take care of other responsibilities.… Read More

SSL Certificates and Search Engine Optimization: Why They BOTH Matter


As a business owner, it’s long been a given that you need an internet presence. As a modern business owner with an internet presence, you need to understand what’s under the hood with your network security.

No longer are engineers the only people who understand acronyms like SERP, HTTPS, SSL, and SEO.… Read More

SME Health Index Summary: The State of Ireland’s Digital Presence

SME health index

Business is booming in the Republic of Ireland, especially for our small- and medium-sized businesses.

Irish SMEs are important for the labour market as a whole. They provide 70 percent of all non-financial jobs in the country. Our SME value added per person employed is an average of 71,300, which is 1.5x the EU average.… Read More