7 Ways to Boost Your Website User Experience

Website User Experience

According to research, every dollar invested in website user experience generated 100 in return. That could improve your website’s return on investment by 9900 percent.

How we navigate, explore, and use a company’s website matters. A website’s design and functionality can frustrate visitors so much they leave.… Read More

Business Owners in Ireland: When You Should Switch to VPS


There comes a time in the life of any business when your website’s basic shared plan doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s only natural since as your site grows, its demand for more resources also increases.

A Virtual Private Server or VPS for short is the next logical step.… Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Bandwidth


The term “bandwidth” is becoming popular due to advances in cellphone internet capabilities. It’s also an important part of web hosting, especially if you’re a small business and you’re looking for the best solution.

If you’re not quite sure what that means for you, your internet browsing, and your website then that’s okay.… Read More

Why Your Domain Names Matter

Domain Names

The first domain name was registered more than 30 years ago. Since then, over 330 million domains have come into circulation. With that kind of competition, choosing the right domain name for your business is imperative.

A memorable domain name makes all the difference when it comes to creating a successful online presence.… Read More

Domain Name Guide: How to Find Domain Names That Best Represent Your Business

how to find domain

Get this, the domain name is valued at over $850,000,000.

Domain names are a big deal.

That should give you some insight into how important it is to find a domain name that matches your business.

There are over 334 million registrations of domain names out there.… Read More

Top 5 Free WordPress Template Sites

WordPress template sites

WordPress accounts for almost one-third of all websites today. That’s an astonishing number for a company that started in 2005. The secret is in the uncompromising approach to user-friendliness.

WordPress websites aren’t catering to enthusiasts or beginners. The powerful open-source code is always being improved and added upon.… Read More

What Is a Website Accessibility Audit and Why Every Irish Site Needs on ASAP

website accessibility audit

1 in 10 persons of working age in Ireland has a disability.

Just over 3% of the population has a hearing or sight impairment that affects their ability to perform everyday tasks.

Is your website turning away potential users? The internet is a powerful opportunity for many people access goods and services from wherever they are, whenever they want.… Read More