Managing mySQL With Your Shared Hosting Account

manage mySQL

Your website is like your home in the digital world; it’s better than just having social media accounts. It’s where you put all of the information you want to share with the world, and it’s where you can host visitors. People go to your website to learn more about you, and to contact you for anything they may need.

For some websites, people can also create accounts or store personal information on it. To organize the information people put on websites, webmasters build databases. They use mySQL to build these databases and knowing how to manage mySQL databases takes expertise.

You need to know how different hosting plans may affect a person’s ability to control their database. Experts in mySQL know more than just how to write SQL code; they also know how something may affect their ability to interact with a database. And as shared hosting rises in popularity, it’s vital to understand how your web host affects your ability to control your website.

Take the first steps towards becoming a true webmaster by reading below to learn how shared hosting may affect your ability to manage mySQL databases!

Shared Hosting Doesn’t Mean Shared Websites

Some people confuse shared web hosting with sharing a website. They may believe that any random person may be able to take control of their website, since they may store their own website on the same server. Yet, that simply isn’t true; there is no danger in sharing a server with someone.

In fact, modern servers are optimized to handle multiple requests for totally different websites. When you share a server with another website, you’re sharing information with them. Instead, you’re just sharing the storage and bandwidth the server provides.

And that means your hosting will be cheaper since you don’t need to pay for entire servers. Instead, you just need to pay for space on one that’s managed and supported by professionals. Not only is shared hosting cheaper than traditional hosting, but it’s also safer too since it the companies that own the servers will work to keep them up.

All of Your Website’s Information is Secure on a Server

Cybercrime is on the rise, and it costs the world more than $600 billion every year. Hackers are lurking on every corner of the internet, eager to jump at the next opportunity to steal valuable information. Luckily, most modern servers are built to prevent them from pulling off successful hacks.

The only vulnerabilities you need to worry about from a shared hosting plan are the same you would need to worry about from a dedicated server. Simply stay vigilant to avoid phishing attempts and keep your website updated to prevent back-door access.

The companies that run shared hosting plans know how important security is. They will work to make sure your website’s information, and the information in your mySQL database stays secure.

Shared Hosting Usually Means Customizable Service

One other advantage of shared hosting is that you can usually customize your service. If you’re a small business, or if you just want a personal website, you may not want to invest heavily in your hosting plan. A moderate amount of bandwidth and storage should be enough.

Yet, you may also want to grow down the line. With a shared hosting plan, there will be room to grow and you’ll be able to effortlessly purchase an upgraded plan without the hassle of moving hosts.

Effortlessly Manage mySQL Databases

For many websites, their mySQL databases are the sources of their power. It’s where they keep information about their users, and it can be where they store sensitive information about themselves. These databases are designed to be easy to access from anywhere and to be flexible enough for any situation.

They can be used for user accounts where information like shipping addresses and billing information can be stored. They can also be used to create accounts for commenting and other kinds of engagement. No matter how your mySQL database is used, you can manage it with some basic lines of code.

With those simple lines of code, you can create an invaluable tool that will take your websites to new heights!

Shared or Not, mySQL is the Best Tool for Your Database

There are several options you can choose from to manage your website’s information. MySQL is just one of several options, but it’s also the best. As an open-source platform, it’s backed by an active and experienced community of web developers who understand what people need out of the tool.

It can also be used on anything including macOS, Windows, Linux, and beyond. It doesn’t matter if your website is on a shared host or not. MySQL will be able to connect you with it and give you the tools you need to keep your database organized and secure.

Security Concerns Can Limit mySQL Privileges

Although shared web servers are usually secure, there are still concerns surrounding SQL databases on them. As a result, hosts usually limit what people can do with mySQL on their servers so that if there is a security breach, hackers won’t be able to do too much damage.

While you can create new databases on shared hosts, you may not be able to create new users on those databases. You may also not be able to create or execute events or show the databases you have access to. Most of the mySQL limitations hosts implement are designed to prevent information from getting into the wrong hands.

For example, if you’re the true owner of the databases on a website, you shouldn’t need to use the ‘show databases’ SQL command. You should already know which databases you have access to. So, while limitations do exist, they aren’t always limiting for webmasters using shared hosting plans.

You’re Not the Only Who Uses Your Website

Your website is an invaluable tool in both your professional and personal lives. As a professional, it gives you the power to fully control your brand and it gives you the opportunity to grow an audience. Personally, it’s where people can go to engage with your content and learn more about you.

And knowing how to manage mySQL databases on shared hosts will enrich your website even more. These databases give people the opportunity to turn your website into their new digital home. When people can make accounts with you, they become invested in your success, and that makes your website that much stronger.

Before you can start working on your website though, you need a place to put it. Contact us for any hosting solution you may need. We are always excited to bring new people online, and to be a part of their success!