Is Sitelock Worth It? (The Answer: Yes!)

While hackers are the most common cause of data breaches, they aren’t the only threat. Did you know preventable accidents are the second-most common cause of site security breaches?

When you build a site, you know you need to choose a web host, a great theme, the right team, and much more. But website security should also top your list of priorities as you get started. Adding more layers of protection always pays off in the long run, since there are so many threats to security.

However, it can be hard to choose between the different security options on the market. You may find yourself wondering about Sitelock if you’re shopping for web hosting in Ireland. Is Sitelock worth it? The answer is yes — keep reading to learn why!

What is Sitelock?

Sitelock is a website security tool that runs on the cloud.

This tool regularly scans your site to check for possible issues, such as malware that might be hiding on your site. These scans are important. Although malware sometimes comes with warning signs, it often runs undetected on your site, wreaking havoc before you can catch it.

Sitelock does more than just find threats to your site, though. It also includes fixes for the possible security breaches it finds. This software won’t just fix current problems, but will also help prevent new ones.

Do I Need Sitelock?

The question “Do I need Sitelock?” is the same as asking “Do I need site security?” And the answer is always yes. Let’s take a look at the reasons the protection offered by Sitelock matters for your company.

1. Hackers Target Small Businesses

Many people falsely believe that hackers only go after big businesses. However, small companies are actually more likely to get targeted.

Hackers believe — often rightly so — that small businesses are less likely to invest in security. This makes it easy for them to get valuable information, such as customer contact or even payment information.

2. You Might Not Notice a Breach

A hacked website doesn’t always look like a hacked website. In fact, some people keep running their sites for years without realizing what hackers are doing behind the scenes.

You need products like Sitelock that run scans, catching the problems that you didn’t see on your site.

3. Breaches Damage Your Reputation

Both big businesses and small ones can get targeted by attackers. However, the big brands can more easily recover from the damage. A small company can take years to rebuild its reputation — or may never successfully do so.

It’s hard enough to get customers to invest in your brand. But if you then have a breach, all that hard work and advertising money can disappear as your existing customers disappear. And word travels fast in the online world. If there’s a breach, even if it only affects a few people, the world is likely to hear about it.

It’s much more cost-effective to invest in protection than to try to rebuild after you’ve been hacked.

4. Hackers Cost You Money

In addition to the lost customers, you’ll also lose money in other ways if you remain a target for cyber attacks.

First, you’ll have to invest in putting your site back together again. This can involve hiring a professional. If you didn’t back up your site before the attack, data recovery can cost you thousands of dollars.

While you rebuild, your site also won’t be taking in money because it won’t be active. It’s easy to underestimate the costs of a breach. They’re often more than a small company can realistically afford.

5. Attackers Operate at Random

If you think your site wouldn’t be a target for attack, think again.

Cyber attacks are actually much more random than you might expect. Instead of targeting certain businesses, hackers scan for vulnerabilities. If you don’t have protection in place, you’ll become a target at some point.

6. Search Engines Will Punish You

Another reason cyber attacks are especially painful is that they’ll deeply damage your search engine rankings.

You can kiss your SEO strategy goodbye if you don’t have protection from hackers. Once you’ve been breached, Google and other major search engines will blacklist your site. This causes sites to lose almost all of their organic traffic, and it takes effort to get the bad mark removed, even after you’ve fixed the problem.

Is Sitelock Worth It?

With all that in mind, does Sitelock sound like it’s worth it? The answer is probably yes already.

There are many different security options out there, but few are as comprehensive as Sitelock. This one offers both malware scans and automatic malware removal every day. You’ll also get blacklist removal services, a firewall, and even a faster website.

It takes just 24 hours to install Sitelock through your web hosting service. You’ll pay a monthly fee in exchange for the protection offered by the service.

Some people may be tempted to think they can combat site security threats on their own. However, you don’t have the time to run a small business and also become a web security expert.

You can also add the Sitelock badge to your site, which will help build trust with your customers. When your site’s visitors see that you’re investing in keeping their information secure, they’re more likely to choose you over the competition.

If you have any issues with your site, Sitelock’s customer support team will be there to guide you. With all these perks, it’s easy to see why you should add Sitelock to your web hosting package.

How Do I Get Sitelock?

Now that you know why the answer to “Is Sitelock worth it?” is “Yes,” you’re probably wondering how to get this service and keep your site safe.

If you’re signing up for web hosting in Ireland, you can actually add Sitelock to your order package. This makes it easy to get site protection without any extra work. For more information on getting started, check out our hosting plans here.