Irish Web Hosting: Serving All of Europe’s Business Needs

irish web hosting

When you’re looking for a web host, it’s easy to overlook the importance of a hosting company. You can look at the thousands of web hosts out there and think that they’re all created equal.

They all have similar programs, on the surface it seems like the only thing that separates them is price, right?


A web host is an invaluable partner in your business, whether you run a blog for ad revenue, or you have customers come to your website to learn about your business.

That’s why it’s important to consider an Irish web hosting partner. What would happen to your business if your customers can’t get to your site?

You’ll lose business at a time when you can’t afford to do so. Read on to find out more about the advantages of an Irish web host.

What Does a Web Host Really Do?

To truly understand the benefits of an Irish web host, you need to understand what a web host does and how it all works.

Your website is often the most influential part of your business. People will form an opinion of your website and your business in about 50 milliseconds.

Anything off about your site will work against you. If it takes too long to load, if the design doesn’t work across devices all can form a negative impression in the mind of the visitor.

How can you combat that? With a good web host to start.

Here’s how a web host works. When someone clicks on a link to your website or types in your URL, they’re dialing up a series of files. It’s like dialing a telephone to call someone.

The series of files needs a home, which is where a web host comes in. The files are stored on a web host’s servers, which then serve the files to the users when they “dial” your web site.

If your web host is slow, unresponsive, or unreliable, people won’t be able to access your website when they want to. That will negatively impact your business.

5 Reasons to Choose an Irish Web Host

Understanding the importance of web hosting is a critical step in choosing a web host. Why would you choose an Irish web host over all of the other web hosts?

Take a look at these 5 reasons to find out.

1. Speed Matters to Your Visitors

Your website’s visitors have high expectations. If you don’t meet their expectations right away, you’ll lose traffic and customers.

The bottom line is that they expect a website to load quickly. There are several factors that go into a website’s load time. Your web host plays a crucial role.

Going back to how a web host works, when a visitor goes to your web site, a host serves those files across internet networks. If there’s a great distance between a web host and your visitors, the longer it will take those files to travel across networks.

Any business with Irish customers would benefit from Irish web hosting because it will take less time for those files to travel from the host to your site’s visitors, giving them a better user experience.

2. SEO Matters to Your Business

As a business owner, you’re keenly aware of how important it is to have your business found in search engines.

Believe it or not, having an Irish web host can be a big advantage to your business in helping your site rank higher.

There are over 200 ranking factors that Google uses to determine search results. Among the most important is site performance. Again, the faster your site loads, the better it is for users and your search results.

Another important factor in determining search results is “proximity to the person searching.” For example, if someone does a “near me” search or any type of search, Google will factor in the IP address or location of your site’s servers.

The closer your site’s servers are to your customers, the more likely you’ll appear higher in search results.

3. Stronger Infrastructure

Ireland isn’t exactly known as a tropical paradise. It is known for strong windswept storms that would knock you over.

As a result, Ireland’s infrastructure is built to withstand these strong storms. What that means for you is that Irish web hosting will provide better reliability than other places throughout Europe.

4. Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are two of the biggest issues for business owners and customers. We’re often bombarded with stories of data breaches.

Ireland is known for tough security and privacy laws, which are among the toughest in Europe. Irish web hosting companies have to abide by these laws, giving your customers more protections.

It also gives them peace of mind, which can result in a higher level of trust in your business.

5. Better Support for Your Business

As an Irish or European business, you want to make sure that you can connect with customer support when you need it.

Irish web hosts will provide 24/7 support, but they also provide localized support during regular business hours.

You can easily connect with someone who understands your unique challenges and language. It’s easier to communicate and be understood by your hosting company.

Irish Web Hosting Has Its Advantages

Choosing a web host isn’t easy, but when you realize the advantages of Irish web hosting, that decision becomes much easier.

An Irish web host offers companies in Ireland and throughout Europe better security, support, and performance for your business. That will turn into increased trust and credibility for your business.

Do you want to know more about Irish Web Hosting? Check out our web hosting plans to find out more.