How to Register Domains for Charities in Ireland


There are over 10,000 registered charities in Ireland.

Charities and non-profit organizations can register their domain for free in some countries. You need proof that you are a charitable organization.

Don’t worry about the complexities of registering your domain, use our web hosting services for your charity or non-profit organization. Perhaps you have a charity organization that has been operational for years and you are thinking of going live on the internet.

How do you go about it?

Complex registration processes, coupled with thinking about the cost of having to register your charity organization, leaves many charities without a website.

Don’t worry! It’s much easier to set up than you think.

Thanks to the internet, we are in a new era where you can sit from the comfort of your home and do things easily. Read on for vital information on what charity domain registration is all about.

What is a Charity?

A charity is a registered company that uses its profits for its own running (e.g., staff wages) and charitable services only.

Charities’ finances are heavily regulated and they have to account for every single cent and how it has been used in a charitable way.

Due to charities doing ‘good deeds’ and helping the community, many hosting service providers offer free domain registration to charities to give them a helping hand.

What is a Domain Name?

Let say for example you run a non-governmental organization that helps children that are homeless and do not have a family at all.

Have a name for the organization that tells people exactly what it does. Simple, short, memorable names work better than complex names.

The name that is chosen for your charity organization is your website name whenever you decide to go live on the internet.

If, for example, your domain name is “Care4Child”, this is the address that users will type into the address bar of their computer on the internet whenever they want to have access to you.

Just like you have an address attached to your place of residence, your website address is attached to your place of business and that is what people can use to locate you on the internet.

In Ireland, proper plans have been put in place to help you register your website domain name for free inasmuch as there is enough proof for the existence of the organization.

The list of charities in Ireland is lengthy and things can be harmonized in such a way that organizations can take advantage of the services available to promote their services online and also have the opportunity to reach a lot of people. Not just in terms of offering their assistance but to also get support from willing supporters outside.

To register your domain name in Ireland, the charity register is a long list, it is even hard to imagine the number of already registered charities. In order to also have yours registered, here are some of the procedures you have to go through. 

Charities Application Method

The first thing you need to do is to run a domain name check by using the required search facility. This is to be sure that the domain name you have chosen is available and not taken already by another organization.

After you have successfully completed your search, you can now proceed with your application by submitting it via an authorized and registered ‘.ie’ registrar. You can also get a hosting plan from this provider (this will be discussed later in this article).

A good number of these registered ‘.ie’ registrars do not charge to get a charity organization domain name registered and also have waived off renewal fees for the domain names. You easily search for them.

Once you have found the ‘.ie’ registrar of your choice, arrange a hosting plan with them.

Then your application will be reviewed in accordance with the policy of what is required to register your organization within 1 to 2 days for charities in Ireland.

In case there is a need for any other information your hosting registrar will be contacted to so as to ensure that the whole process is smooth.

To ensure that charity domain name is registered without any form of stress in Ireland, listed below are the necessary guidelines you need to follow for charity register documentation together with the required necessary information.

To enable you to register the charity organization domain name for free, all this information is needed as proof of your operations in Ireland. So that the registration fee and annual renewal fee of the domain name are free.

Documentation Needed

You must provide any of the following documentation.

  1. You are to show your CHY number that was issued to you by the Revenue Commissioners.
  2. Alternatively, you can also provide a copy of the Certificate of Charitable Status issued by the Revenue Commissioners.
  3. A certificate of Northern Ireland Charity Commission number.
  4. Or any other necessary proof to show that your charity organization is properly and duly registered in Ireland.

You must be able to show that the charity organization has a valid and concrete connection to Ireland. Otherwise, your application will not be considered in the first place without this proof.

It is important to know that all this process goes hand in hand with your chosen hosting registrar.

You must have chosen an accredited web hosting service provider to ensure that the process is seamless and not delayed at all. And as promised earlier, this article will also help you to decide and choose the best hosting plan according to your preferred preferences.

Choosing a Good Hosting Plan for Charity Organizations in Ireland

There are a lot of web hosting service providers in Ireland that you can choose from. Due to charities having the advantage of the domain name registration fees and annual renewal fees waived in Ireland, it is important to use web hosting services that are registered.

Irrespective of the size of your charity organization, there are amazing hosting plans that you can leverage on to get your charity organization website live on the internet without any stress. Using hosting services comes with an assurance of excellent support and 24/7 customer care.

Read below and look forward to these features provided by the web hosting service you choose.

Email Defence

Your web hosting service provider should be able to provide you with a secure and robust email defense. This will keep out spam messages out of your website inbox.

There are people that are mischievous. What they do is to just attack charities in Ireland with spam messages, to carry out their fraudulent activity.

With a good web hosting service provider, the virus will be scanned out. Every spam message is filtered out and even block the IP address of computers of where the messages are coming from.

Strong Security

To ensure your data and information security, ensure the service has a firewall and takes precautions against cyber attacks.

Your web hosting service provider in Ireland should be able to provide a strong Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for your website security. Click here to get excellent security for your website.

A Good Database

It is certain that you would want to store up a lot of user’s data and information on your website.

Consider a hosting service that offers secure cloud storage.

Perhaps, you want to store the information of the individuals that support your course together with the individuals that you are providing one form of services in the form of aid. You need a large database for this and your web hosting service should be able to provide this for you.

These and so many others are what you should look out for, before choosing the web hosting service provider for charities organization.

To get more information on ‘.ie’ web hosting service provider, click on this link.

Get Your Charities Domain Registered Today

This information is very important most especially for the charities organizations in Ireland who could get their domain registration for free.

It is nice to know that you can actually save some money for the charity register domain name in Ireland, and spend it on other charitable services instead.

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