Here’s How Your Small Business Can Benefit from Managed Hosting Providers

managed hosting providers

If you’re looking for a hosting provider for your website, you have a lot of options. Managed hosting providers are often overlooked by small businesses.

Customers expectations of a website’s speed and overall performance seem to get higher and higher. They expect your site to be available at all times and they expect it to load fast. If your site doesn’t perform up to their standards, they will take their business elsewhere.

That’s why choosing the right hosting plan matters. Your business depends on it.

Keep reading to find out how a managed hosting plan can make a difference in your business.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is when you hire a hosting company to host your website and maintain it. They’ll take care of service updates, backups as well as troubleshoot issues that you may have with your site.

Managed hosting providers can easily become important partners in your business. They help take some of the weight of IT management off of your shoulders.

Managed vs. Shared Hosting

You’ve likely come across shared hosting options in your search for a web host. How does shared hosting differ from managed hosting?

There’s a big difference between the two.

The first thing you’re likely to notice is the price. Shared hosting is less expensive than managed hosting. There’s a good reason for that, though.

With shared hosting, you’re renting disk space on a server, along with many other accounts. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but that can impact your site’s performance. If your site or another site on the server

The main difference between managed and shared hosting is the level of service you receive with your hosting plan.

Managed hosting providers essentially take care of the hard work for you. As a small business owner, chances are you don’t have the time to play around figuring out the backend of your website or figure out how to maximize your server.

You can have a shared account with a higher level of service to accompany it.

Benefits of Managed Hosting Providers

Do you like to save money and do less work?

That’s actually a selling point for managed hosting providers. These are the tangible benefits you’ll see when you sign up for a managed hosting plan.

Lower and More Predictable IT Costs

How much would it be to have IT staff on call 24/7 to manage your website? You would need to go through the hiring process and train them, too.

You’ll also need to have the staff in place to manage databases, build in-house infrastructure, and have systems administrators manage everything.

No matter how you look at it, that’s a very expensive proposition and your IT costs could fluctuate from month to month.

A managed hosting provider takes care of all of that.

Managed hosting providers usually charge a flat fee for their services, so you’ll have one bill to pay every month. That makes your accounting department happy because you’re dealing with predictable costs.


Many businesses live and die by the data that they have. What would happen to your business if you had a system crash and you lost your data?

Over half of businesses aren’t prepared to lose data because they don’t perform backups on a regular basis.

With a managed hosting service, you don’t need to worry about having your data backed up. They do it all for you. That can save your business from a disaster.


As a business owner, you know how important cybersecurity is. The consequences of having a site that’s not secure are severe.

It’s not just big businesses that have to be concerned with cyber attacks. Small businesses are becoming targets for hackers.

Managed hosting providers provide enterprise-level security for your small business. They’ll perform security audits, run virus scans, filter spam, and configure a firewall for added measure.

They’ll also make sure that your software is up to date.

Save Time and Money

Managed hosting accounts can help you save a lot of time and money. You saw how much you’d have to invest in hiring IT staff without a managed hosting provider.

You’d also have to spend time learning about the backend of your website.

Your business is an ideal candidate for a managed hosting plan if you have a small and overstretched IT staff, have a website that gets a lot of traffic, and you have a website with a lot of backend work.

Around the Clock Monitoring and Support

You know that people expect your website to be running and performing at high speeds. If it’s down, it can damage your company’s credibility.

You can prevent downtime on your own. You can also take monitoring your site’s uptime to a higher level.

Managed hosting services take care of monitoring your site’s uptime and they can troubleshoot issues that you have on your site.

Managed Hosting Can Grow with Your Business

How would you like to have IT support that grows with your business? That’s what happens when you invest in managed hosting services.

One of the best benefits to managed hosting is that it’s scalable. The plans are also flexible and can be tailored to your needs.

That is a much better option than investing a lot of money in an IT infrastructure and hope that someday you’ll have the sales to support the investment.

What Can Managed Hosting Providers Do For You?

A managed hosting plan can make a serious difference in your small business. You save money, time, and have a website that customers can rely on. Managed hosting providers work behind the scenes to make sure your site is always up and running and always fast.

That’s good for your brand and for your bottom line.

Would you like to know more about managed hosting? Take a look at our hosting plans and get started with Ireland’s web hosting provider.