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Technology changes sometimes happen before we can catch up. Such is the world of the virtual private server market.

There is a growing impact on the virtual private server (VPS) market. This impact provides some very positive benefits for VPS users. There are also a couple of VPS questions businesses have questions about from time to time.

We are here to give you information, answer questions and provide research data which gives you the true picture of using VPS systems.

Hosting Trends

Business web hosting trends can be all over the place. Businesses web hosting ranges from using smaller hosting providers to global hosting providers.

2019 is shaping up to be the year where hosting trends for businesses scramble and reformat.

In 2019 we are seeing the following web hosting trends;

  • Internet of Things (IoT)- IoT developers and providers are implementing web hosting trends using IoT devices.
    • IoT provides custom hosting solutions but sometimes comes with a hefty price tag.
    • Good with security issues and prevention of hacking.
  • Onsite host server – A lot of businesses are revamping their files and hosting onsite.
    • If you are a business using onsite web hosting – you receive control of your back-ups. But this can cost a fortune in hardware.
    • You can also lose data if there is a disaster or outage.
  • Cloud hosting – this hosting solution is very good for smaller companies.
    • No cost or expense for hardware.
    • You pay for only the storage you need.
    • If the internet is down, businesses do not have access to any of their information.
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) – A VPS hosting account is a low-cost, full-time hosting plan which uses a physical server.
    • It provides an increase in your server performance.
    • Gives you control on software changes.
    • Allows for scalability.

Web Hosting Industry

The web hosting industry keeps evolving and changing with technology needs. The web hosting industry currently involves several segments. The division is in type and application. They include, but are not limited to;

  • Builders of websites
  • Shared hosting
  • Hosting – dedicated
  • Hosting – collocated
  • Hosting – shared

You can break the web hosting industry down even further with regional divisions.

There are four major market regions which are;

  1. North America
  2. Europe
  3. Asia Pacific
  4. Everyone else

North America tends to lead in e-commerce. Europe continues to dominate in IP telephony and unified communication as a service. (i.e. web hosting service market). Asia is leading in managing private cloud services.

Web Hosting Ireland

Web hosting in Ireland is a wonder of benefits and advantages. It provides many unique features you cannot receive in any other area of the world.

For instance, web hosting in Ireland gives you;

  • If your website has a .ie web address, you are gaining the benefit of receiving a target market of Irish website visitors.
    • It also gives you faster website loading of pages, better metrics and the ability to have direct marketing to your Irish customers.
    • Web hosting Ireland gives you a better Google performance ranking for
    • Web hosting Ireland gives you sovereignty data protection. This is from the Irish government Data Protection Acts.

There are more benefits more difficult to quantify in web hosting in Ireland. Especially for companies using VPS in Ireland who are growing their business.

Some of the web hosting in Ireland benefits which are difficult to measure are;

  • Business hours local to Ireland date and time.
  • The local language which includes dialect changes region to region in Ireland.
  • Taxation and billing in Irish business terminology.

Web Hosting News

The latest and greatest web hosting news is something any business should do often.

Businesses need low-cost web hosting with the best benefits to their customer base.

Businesses also need their web hosting to be of high quality and not have interrupted service issues.

Some items you should stay on top of in web hosting news is;

  • Does your business software work with the web hosting delivery system you have or will buy soon?
  • If you have purchased your web hosting service, do you have a lot of slow-down times during your most critical business hours?
  • What is the IP reputation of who you want to use?
  • Do you have issues with privacy or security?
  • How fast do your website pages load?

All the above and more are the fine details you need to drill down to when deciding whether to keep your web hosting service or buy a new one.

Something you really want to be aware of is the hidden costs which exist in some web hosting service companies. We provide a helpful and free guide to give you more beneficial information about this costly issue.

Virtual Private Server Market

We provide one of the best virtual private service markets in Ireland. Our virtual private server market also has global reach and application.

We make sure your businesses operating system is compatible with our VPS technology.

We sub-segment our VPS market into operating systems which use;

  • Windows operating systems
  • Linux operating systems
  • Customized operating systems

There is nothing we cannot provide the virtual private server market if we know what you want and the market you are targeting.

We are a hosting platform which is fully scalable. We also build and maintain websites with over 400 web applications.

Our VPS server comes with secure and reliable email delivery. You can also access any of our beneficial add-ons for stellar optimization.

How Do I Learn More about VPS for my Business?

We are proud of our website information. The information goes over not only our VPS web hosting service but also the important web hosting issues of today. Issues such as the internet and business technology needs.

There is no reason you cannot become the leader in the virtual private server market in Ireland and globally.

All you need is a partner who can help you get there. We are the partner who provides the technical expertise you need. We provide the web hosting service which enhances your business.

We answer your questions and help provide you with a web hosting experience which grows and diversifies as your business evolves.

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