Extra! Read All About it: How to Add a Blog to Your Website for More Traffic

how to add a blog to your website

Would a blog on your website make a difference to your business?

One thing is for sure is that it will help your website get found in search engines. You’re giving people an opportunity to experience your company and your brand before they make a purchase.… Read More

Do I Need a Website if I already Have a Facebook Page?

website vs. Facebook page

It’s hard to imagine a world without Facebook. There were 2.38 billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2019.

With access to so many potential customers, you might wonder if you even need a website anymore. Isn’t a Facebook page more important?… Read More

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost? A Beginners Guide

how much does a domain name cost

There are 314 million registered domain names in use around the world.

And since 2014, the number of people registering domain names has seen a 9% annual increase! So they must be worth something. In fact, some domain names are worth millions of dollars.… Read More

How To Make a Custom Page in Your Favorite WordPress Template

custom page

Did you know that approximately 60 million websites use WordPress templates? This is a clear example of how beneficial it is to use WordPress for your website, one of the main reasons is the ability to create a custom page.

In most WordPress templates, you can have multiple posts and pages all with the same layout, under the same “theme”.… Read More

15 Strategies on How to Secure a Website from Hackers and Malicious Attacks

how to secure a website

Despite the importance of website security, many companies have no idea how to secure a website. Security threats to your site can sometimes be so severe that they do irreversible damage to your business.

Even though website security is crucial in the modern business world, many companies are incredibly unprepared for a cyber attack.… Read More