How to Manage Multiple Email Addresses with Gmail

how to link gmail accounts

The average consumer has 2.5 email addresses. That means, on average, they need to check two or three places (and potentially a lot more) to read all their email.

Having it all land in a single inbox makes it easier to manage and less likely that you’ll overlook something.… Read More

The Importance of a Google SSL Certificate for Your Irish Website

google ssl certificate

The digital world expands every day and people do everything online. They order food, shop and provide sensitive information on thousands of websites…and they expect everything to be safe.

When it comes to Google, a Google SSL certificate is a must have.… Read More

7 Tips for Keeping Your Site Off the Google Blacklist

google blacklist

If you’ve noticed that your site is suddenly experiencing a big drop in traffic, you might be asking yourself whether your recent content had a major mistake or touched on a sensitive subject.

But if you’ve had a solid following for a while, only to have a quick and sudden drop, it’s likely there’s another explanation.… Read More