Payment Gateways and Online Commerce in Ireland

payment gateways & online commerce

Ever paid for a product or service online using your credit card?

Chances are it was conducted through a payment gateway. Most online stores and businesses use a payment gateway service.

This enables them to process their payment from customers and clients as it is more convenient than doing it internally.… Read More

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Marketing Blog in the Most Efficient Way Possible

If you’ve spent any time looking into how to build and develop your business, you’ve likely come across the phrase “content is king”. But why is that?

It’s never been easier or faster to start a business. It’s even easier to promote a business with all of the digital tools at our disposal.… Read More

7 E-Commerce Security Tips to Ensure You and Your Customers Are Safe

e-commerce security

When you run an e-commerce platform, you need to protect yourself and your customers.

In recent years alone, it wasn’t uncommon for more than a million new cyber threats to be unveiled daily. As you can imagine, being vulnerable to attacks and fraud can make your e-commerce business incredibly vulnerable.… Read More

Slow Loading Websites: 15 Ways To Speed Up Your Irish Business Website

If you’ve ever managed a business website, you may be aware of the “three-second rule.” Your website needs to load in three seconds or less. After the three-second threshold, you risk losing 50% of your visitors.

Unfortunately, most Irish businesses have slow loading websites.… Read More

13 Essential eCommerce Optimization Tips for Irish Businesses

Irish consumers are far more likely to buy online than in-store, according to one 2018 Ipsos study. This research panel also found we’re the most frequent online shoppers in the world. It’s estimated we’ll spend €7.8 billion online this year.

This opens the door to a world of opportunity for Irish retailers.… Read More

How to Choose the Best eCommerce Platform for Startups in Ireland

The boom is back, and small Irish businesses are thriving.

Your eCommerce business can thrive in today’s conditions regardless of your location. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working out of Silicon Dock in the heart of Dublin city or enjoying the salty air of the Wild Atlantic Way.… Read More

The Top 10 E-Commerce Web Security Tips and How it Affects VPS

Do you participate in the huge industry of online selling? If you do, you’ve likely thought about implementing some security measures.

Online transactions must be protected, as does personal information that your customers entrust you with. So how do you protect those things?… Read More

12 Most Popular Content Management Platforms for Irish Website Owners

Content management platforms make web design an absolute breeze. They’re the simple, easy to understand alternative to coding landing pages and entire sitemaps from scratch.

These platforms often come with a wide array of design options which can be edited at any time.… Read More

The Best Free E-Commerce Platforms for Your Irish Business Website

The vast majority of the European Union population considers themselves active internet users.  In fact, nearly 82% of the population is online.

Digital commerce is a growing part of the landscape. Are you ready to begin your online sales business?

More than 350 million people purchased online in the EU, and that number continues to grow.… Read More