How to Build a Website From Scratch in 7 Simple Steps

Google now processes 40,000 search queries every second. That’s a daily 3.5 billion, or a yearly 1.2 trillion searches.

As a business owner, that’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. You want your business to be part of the search results Google delivers to its users.… Read More

What Is a Domain? 6 Key Differences Between a Domain and a Host

There are almost 2 billion websites online today. What’s more, that number grows every second.

In the Republic of Ireland alone, there were 31,665 website registrations made in 2016. Including .ie domains (more on this later) registered outside of the island, the total count is 221,871.… Read More

7 Tips for Keeping Your Site Off the Google Blacklist

google blacklist

If you’ve noticed that your site is suddenly experiencing a big drop in traffic, you might be asking yourself whether your recent content had a major mistake or touched on a sensitive subject.

But if you’ve had a solid following for a while, only to have a quick and sudden drop, it’s likely there’s another explanation.… Read More

Creative Domain Names: Tips for Coming Up With a Memorable URL

creative domain names

Have you ever visited a website that you’ve never forgotten because its name was so creative? If you’re creating a website, you probably want to do the same thing.

Creating an unforgettable domain name is important if you want visitors to come back to your site.… Read More

Securing a Domain Name: Everything You Need to Know About Registering a URL

securing a domain name

Once you’ve decided to build a website, you have an important decision to make. Before you even begin to consider web hosting services, you need to choose a domain name.

Even if you already have a list of potential domain names, you have another hurdle to overcome.… Read More

What Does FQDN mean and How Does it Apply to You?

“What’s your name?” is the first question most people ask of one another. Shakespeare said, “If a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” It’s usually the first piece of information we have about a company or person.

It’s important that that first impression is short, memorable and easy to find again.… Read More

12 Most Popular Content Management Platforms for Irish Website Owners

Content management platforms make web design an absolute breeze. They’re the simple, easy to understand alternative to coding landing pages and entire sitemaps from scratch.

These platforms often come with a wide array of design options which can be edited at any time.… Read More

The Best Free E-Commerce Platforms for Your Irish Business Website

The vast majority of the European Union population considers themselves active internet users.  In fact, nearly 82% of the population is online.

Digital commerce is a growing part of the landscape. Are you ready to begin your online sales business?

More than 350 million people purchased online in the EU, and that number continues to grow.… Read More