How to Eliminate Video Buffering From Your Site For Good

video buffering

Every year, the marketing industry calls the current year “year of video marketing”. People have been hyping videos since the early 2010s, and now, we’re here.

It’s hard not to consider video content if you’re trying to boost your traffic. It’s one of the most influential marketing tools online, and the return on investment is always solid.… Read More

15 SEO Podcasts to Help Busy Entrepreneurs Step Up Their Game

seo podcast

Back in the day, people had their favourite radio shows they’d listen to at the same time each day or week. While that’s not as popular as it once was, we’ve replaced it with something better: podcasts. After all, you can listen to podcasts any time you want.… Read More

GDPR Compliance: What It Means for Irish Websites Like Yours

gdpr compliance

Are you on the brink of setting up a new website or organization? Before you go live, you need to be GDPR compliant.

Unless you somehow missed out on the flood of opt-in emails last year, you don’t need reminding that the GDPR came into effect on May 25, 2018.… Read More

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Data Centres

data centre

Back in 2015, Apple was planning to build a billion-dollar data centre in Athenry, Ireland. To give you an idea how much space a billion dollars worth of data storage takes up, the center would have spanned the length of about 23 soccer fields, created over 100 jobs, and occupied a location any builder of data centres would dream of.… Read More

9 Landing Page Templates Guaranteed to Work (According to Science)

landing page templates

How many people glance at your web page and leave?



90% or more?

Convert visitors to contacts with the right landing page. A landing page is the keystone of your online marketing efforts. It’s where you make your offer to visitors for the first time.… Read More

15 of the Best Blogging Sites to Start Your Blog in 2019

best blogging sites

Blogging has taken the world by storm. It’s created an avenue for big businesses to have a more direct conversation with their audience and for everyday people to become entrepreneurs, too.

It’s a tool used by companies of all sizes to establish industry authority and generate leads.… Read More

VPS Series: How To Get Let’s Encrypt SSL On Apache For Ubuntu

If you have an E-commerce site, you know the value of protecting your customer’s data. If someone steals your customer’s personal information because of poor security, it could cause your entire business to shut down. Would you shop somewhere online if you didn’t trust their security measures?… Read More

FTPS Vs. SFTP – Which One Will Keep Your Information Safe?

Any company that transfers files across networks uses FTP to some extent. FTP allows users to upload, download, and delete files. You can also create, delete, and read the contents of directories.

There are some problems with using FTP, though. Anybody that knows how to sniff the packets of information you send using FTP can read passwords, commands and file contents in regular text.… Read More