9 Landing Page Templates Guaranteed to Work (According to Science)

landing page templates

How many people glance at your web page and leave?



90% or more?

Convert visitors to contacts with the right landing page. A landing page is the keystone of your online marketing efforts. It’s where you make your offer to visitors for the first time.

Your visitor can see the offer and take it.

Or they can close the window and surf away.

You have one shot to make a great impression. Don’t waste it. Our collection of nine essential landing page templates will get you started. The templates have scientifically-proven, high conversion features that will move your stats to sales!

Read on to learn more.

What Are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are website pages that allow you to capture visitor information, usually via a contact form. Well-designed landing pages are directed at a specific stream of traffic. For example, a sponsored Google ad for a specific vacation resort might have a targeted webpage for a travel agency.

Visitors clicking on the ad are directed to a target landing page where an interesting offer and a lead capture form are waiting.  The right offer and presentation make all the difference in changing visitors to leads.

Are Landing Pages That Important?

You spend a great deal of money and energy coming up with marketing campaigns. You target certain market segments. You craft emails, advertising and social media with a certain customer in mind. Why would you send them to your generic home page?

You have an opportunity to learn more about what works and to make a specialized pitch to your audience. Increase the likelihood of converting your traffic from specific channels into leads through a targeted landing page.

For example, imagine you have Facebook advertisements running for one of your best groups (women 40-55, with children living in Killarney, Co. Kerry) Even if you advertise how your company is super and someone manages to clicks through, where do they go?

Do you just send them to your homepage? What are they supposed to do when they get there?  Is it the same as any other person who finds your company homepage?

How to Design the Best Landing Page

What do you want a visitor to do? Figure that our, and then make it easy for them to do just that! Your marketing campaign landing page should prompt them to complete the action.

Here are some tips to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing immediately and dramatically. Use landing page templates to speed up your design process and win more conversions!

Need for Speed

Just a single-second delay in your site loading speed can reduce conversions by 7%. Always optimize load time. Your visitors will click away if they wait too long. Would you keep a prospective customer waiting in person?

Need for Mobile Version

90% of the Irish population owns a mobile phone. Three million people in Ireland own a smartphone. The average person checks their smartphone around 57 times daily.

If you skip designing landing pages for mobiles, you are leaving many conversions behind. The number of people coming from mobiles is not insignificant.

One Page, One Offer

Simplicity is your friend. A landing page has only one purpose. You want your visitor to request a free sample, download a white paper or ask for their market evaluation.

The uppermost rule of landing pages is to keep them simple and straightforward. One offer per page. Multiple offers DECREASE conversions.

Want to offer different things?

More Landing Pages for More Conversions

More landing pages mean more visitor opportunities to convert. It gives you more variety and allows you to test different offers. Your Content Management System can give you sophisticated tools to manage nearly unlimited landing pages.

No Clickaways

You want visitors to take your offer and stay on the landing page instead of clicking away.  Keep visitors on your landing page until they convert. Remove clickable images unless they lead to the contact form.

While you are at it, remove navigation too. Landing pages only exist to convert visitors to leads. Don’t let visitors go anywhere else until you have their information. THEN  get them to visit your other pages.

Interest the Visitor with Video

Embed a quick video to increase conversions.  Humans only have about an 8-second attention span. A video testimonial or compelling explainer is a great way to engage a visitor.

Use video to drive visitors to your call to action.

Free Landing Page Templates

These templates are provided free, although you may need to register with their respective websites. Here are some great templates to consider.

1. Meal

Meal, from Free-Template.co is a one-page HTML restaurant template.  This website template has many unique landing page design examples to choose from. Additionally, it features:

  • Load Transitions
  • Long Scrolling Newsletter
  • Team Testimonials
  • Booking Form
  • Food Menu
  • Google Maps

2. Housing

Envato Elements gives us Housing.  This template is clean and modern. Its features are useful for Architects, Estate Developers and Agents.


  • Responsiveness
  • Google Map
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Parallax Effects

The minimalist elements provide a good user experience without clutter.

3. Testimonial Checkout Page

Leadpages’ straightforward Testimonial Checkout gets straight to the point with a bold graphic and simple data collection. Insert your own photo and testimonial.

Features to like:

  • Fast customization
  • Simple design, no fussy code
  • Rapid rendering

This template is mobile-friendly, too!

4. New Age

This landing page theme for web apps showcases bold style. Just drop in content. It works well with HTML5/CSS Device mockups.

The fully responsive Bootstrap landing theme has these useful features:

  • Deep customization options- SASS/SCSS files included
  • Semantic markup with nav, sections, and asides
  • Header with CSS gradient and texture overlay
  • Support the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms

This one-page HTML is easy to use for beginners and deep enough for power users.

5. Comply

This one page HTML Template comes courtesy of Wired Dots. It’s a multi-use page with a professional look and sleek layout.


  • Responsive
  • Fixed header navigation
  • Newsfeed
  • Released under Creative Commons

Comply is a meant for agencies, startups and corporate entities.

6. Moto

Moto is a well-integrated WordPress Theme from Envato Elements. This landing page template has an easy drag-and-drop builder for fast customization.

Things to like:

  • Responsive
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Unlimited colour variations
  • Full-width or Boxed Layout

What is notable about this template is its good documentation, something that is rare among freebies.

7. Gaze

This super-responsive, multipurpose WordPress theme for online stores and personal websites comes with more than 100 elements. This Bootstrap-built template also comes from Envato Elements.


  • Simple and flexible
  • PHP code
  • PSD Files included
  • Compatible with CSS, JS, PHP, PSD file types
  • WooCommerce

8. Clutterless

A true one page HTML project from One Page Love. This ultra-minimal blog theme features a slide-out info sidebar. 100% of the focus is on the content because there isn’t anything else there.


  • Big responsive screen sizes
  • WordPress customiser
  • Theme options
  • Fonts included

The theme is designed to look like a blog page with the focus on uninterrupted content.

9. Lhander

Styleshout gives us Lhander. This minimal landing page template has a cool and modern vibe. It’s mobile friendly and had hundreds of options available.


  • MailChimp compatible
  • Retina ready
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Cross browser support

Easy to customize Lhander has clean code and is fully responsive.

Make Your Copy Urgent

Great landing page copy is essential. Grab your visitor and convert them. Things that work well:

  • Countdown timers
  • Temporary deals
  • Loss threat (only 6 left!)
  • Urgent words (now, limited time only, running out)

Do you want action? Use action words! Presale countdowns and auction “last calls” work on the same principle. Make your visitors a little trigger-happy.

Use conversational language. It engages your visitor. Let them in on a little secret.

Conspire with them a little.

“Want this deal before it goes public? Subscribe now for exclusive pre-sale.”

Appeal to Emotions

Give your landing page templates some personal pull. Generously salt your copy with words to tug at heartstrings.

Here are some warm and fuzzy words:

  • unified
  • honest
  • warm
  • stable
  • reliable
  • free
  • easy
  • love

And some words to alarm or anger:

  • shameful
  • seize
  • fraud
  • fake
  • damage
  • censor
  • hate
  • false

Emotional response is instinctual and fast!

Landing Pages for Your Online Marketing Campaign

Now that you have nine amazing, free landing page templates to get you started. Use our tips to prevent page bounce and get those visitors to convert. Make every marketing campaign count.

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