5 Things to Know Before Buying Your First VPS in Ireland


If you own a growing website in Ireland, it may soon be time for you to look into your first VPS service so that you can keep up with your increasing page traffic. However, there are a few things that you should consider.

VPS technology is improving, and prices are dropping. Now, VPS hosting is a cost-effective way for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to enjoy the same benefits as running a website on a dedicated server. You’ll still have nearly the same control as you would with a dedicated server, but the price is closer to that of shared hosting.

Precisely What Is a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is, as its name implies, a virtual server that performs like a dedicated server. Using virtualization software, VPS providers divide the resources of one dedicated server into multiple VPSs.

Each VPS receives a dedicated amount of CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. You access VPS service by renting it from a hosting company that houses dedicated servers in its own data center.

One dedicated hosting company server can house hundreds of virtual servers. The resources for each client runs on a separate operating system.

When you move your site to a VPS, you’ll enjoy the same excellent performance as if you had a big ticket, top-notch dedicated server.

VPS hosting has rapidly grown into a popular, flexible hosting solution. The service is the middle-ground between shared and dedicated hosting.

Today, any firm can find a reliable VPS service that meets their needs, but first you’ll have to ask the right questions. The following are five things to know before buying your first VPS in Ireland.

1. Do I Need a VPS?

VPS hosting exploded in popularity – seemingly overnight. Now, it’s a favorite offering for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

It overcomes the shortcomings of shared hosting while allowing you to maintain the flexibility of dedicated hosting. Each VPS is secure and functions completely independent of other VPSs on the same server.

Some businesses have multiple websites. Multiple hosting is where VPS services shine.

Shared hosting providers do offer multiple domain hosting. However, the resources that come with shared hosting services are limited. For instance, heavy traffic on a site that shares space on your host server could cause your site to perform poorly.

VPS providers also offer multiple domain hosting – sans performance problems. Also, you can establish separate email accounts and choose how much resources to allocate for each site.

2. What Do I Get With a VPS Service?

With research, you can find a scalable, customizable VPS service. Look for a VPS service provider that uses SSD drives, up-to-date processors, and other premium technology.

Also, you should choose a VPS service provider that can offer a wide range of add-ons. The availability of a wide range of add-ons is vital for making sure that all the programs that you need for your website and business will work properly.

Stability is one of the top reasons for choosing a VPS service versus shared hosting. You’ll also enjoy a significant boost in performance after you upgrade. Adequate website performance is essential for ensuring a smooth experience for your webpage visitors.

Whether you run a well-liked blog or a complex e-commerce website, a VPN service can provide you with sufficient disk space, CPU, and RAM to operate your programs effectively. Also, you can install any operating system and software that you desire on your VPN server.

VPN features vary by provider. There are some features, however, that are more important than others. For example, root access is essential so that you’ll have full control over your account.

Also, a quality VPS provider monitors its network 24 hours per day. By choosing the right provider, you can ensure that your site stays safe from the growing and ongoing threat of cyber attacks.

3. Why Go With a VPS Instead of Other Choices?

If your business is starting to grow, you should upgrade to a VPS hosting plan. The top problem with shared service is that you share hosting space with other businesses.

If your neighbor has lacked security policies and suffers a breach, that compromise could endanger your website – even if you maintain cybersecurity best practices.

Also, shared hosting performance is volatile because there are many users with the same unrestricted access to server resources. At any time, a surge in traffic on your neighbor’s site could slow your site to a crawl.

A VPS service gives you more control over your hosting environment compared to shared hosting. Also, you’ll always have access to the maximum amount of resources in your plan.

4. How Does the Location of a VPS Effect Service Quality?

The location of your VPS service matters – a lot. It affects the performance of your website in several ways. As an example, Irish VPS services are your best alternative if most of your traffic comes from Ireland.

The further your VPS service is away from your website visitors, the longer it will take for your page load. Also, a growing number of consumers access the internet on their smartphones. Speed is even more important for cell phone users.

Many users’ look up company information while they’re out and about. Typically, they’ll need information on the spot. In other cases, they’ll have little time to spare as they navigate their surroundings and move between destinations. Either way, speed is important for capturing the attention of the growing mobile audience.

Why Irish VPS Service Is Your Best Choice

If your VPS server resides in another country, that country’s network may prioritize data traffic due to its policies. When this happens, your users will experience reduced performance, such as errors, slow loading, and timeouts.

You could save money by shopping around the world for the cheapest rate. However, the money that you lose because of a poor performing website is hardly worth the savings.

Also, the location of your VPS service can affect your Google rankings. Google moves sites that are relevant to specific regions to the top of search results in those areas.

Service is another important issue when deciding the location of your VPS host. It’s vital that you have adequate access to your provider. If, for instance, your provider is located in another time zone they may have different office hours – although ideally, you want a provider that provides support 24-hours a day.

Finally, language is different in every country. Even if a foreign VPS provider speaks the same language, there are often nuances that at the very least may cause a misunderstanding. It’s essential that you and your VPS provider can understand each other clearly.

5. Uptime Matters

It’s crucial that your website is reliable. If your website goes down for even a second, you could lose a significant amount of business.

Even if you only have a minor understanding of technology, you can ask around and find out the latest hardware used by VPS providers. You want to partner with a provider that invests in the latest equipment to ensure optimal performance for your website.

You need an enterprise-grade VPS solution to ensure the stability of your business. Competent VPS services maintain high levels of redundancy and scalability to ensure nearly perfect uptime and make sure they have the resources to grow with your business.

Do your research and figure out what offerings will serve your needs. You’re already off to a great start by reading this article!

Getting the Most From Your Investment

Many business and website owners choose a VPS service because they’ve outgrown their standard, shared hosting account. Others want a more flexible solution.

Despite your reasons, make sure that your VPS hosting service can provide more resources as your business grows. Also, your service should provide you with an easy to use control panel so that you can perform essential functions.

Don’t make the mistake of buying solely on price. If you choose a VPS service that can’t meet your needs, the money you save up front could cause you big time in the long run.

You put a lot of work into making your website perfect. So much so that it looks great and works on every device or web browser.

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