Time for a Tune Up: How to Make a Fast Loading Website that Visitors Love

fast loading

Our attention spans are getting worse.

We’ve dropped 4 seconds, on average, over the last 20 years.

It’s got so bad that goldfish now have a better attention span than us. They boast a relatively impressive span of 9 seconds versus our now paltry 8.… Read More

RIPE For the Picking: What is RIPE NCC Accreditation?

ripe ncc

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t pay much attention to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) except when the bill is due and when you can’t get on the web.

However, there could come a point when your ISP isn’t up to snuff on current internet practices, meaning you’d miss out on a whole section of the internet that’s no longer accessible.… Read More

What is Google’s Blacklist, and Why Did My Site Get a Warning?

blacklist removal

Google quarantines about 10,000 sites every day. For those in the know, this is the search giant’s dreaded “blacklist.”

The quarantine functions as a penalty for sites that violate Google’s guidelines or present a hazard to users.

If your site ends up quarantined, you’ll likely have a few questions.… Read More

Web Hosting Options That are Right For Your Small Business in Ireland

web hosting options

vps host

Did you know that in Ireland, small and medium businesses make up 99.8% of all enterprises? In 2017, that represented a staggering 250,143 businesses!

Then in 2018, more start-ups — 22,493 new businesses — launched in Ireland. That’s more than 60 new companies a day!… Read More

How Do I Reinstall WordPress? Easy to Follow Guide

reinstall wordpress

Having a hard time fixing issues with WordPress? Don’t think replacing a few lines of code can fix it?

Most WordPress errors are easy to fix but there are some that might require you to reinstall it. This can also be due to hacks and attacks or if you can’t figure out the problem with your website.… Read More

Global Industry Forecast for the Virtual Private Server Market

virtual private server market

vps uses

Technology changes sometimes happen before we can catch up. Such is the world of the virtual private server market.

There is a growing impact on the virtual private server (VPS) market. This impact provides some very positive benefits for VPS users.… Read More