15 Strategies on How to Secure a Website from Hackers and Malicious Attacks

how to secure a website

Despite the importance of website security, many companies have no idea how to secure a website. Security threats to your site can sometimes be so severe that they do irreversible damage to your business.

Even though website security is crucial in the modern business world, many companies are incredibly unprepared for a cyber attack.… Read More

Here’s What You Need to Consider to Help Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Service Company

reliable service company

Across just about every industry, companies are spending billions on tech and trying to outdo the competition.

Year after year, the amount of data that both customers and companies store is ballooning. If you’re looking to get an edge, you need a reliable service company for your web hosting needs.… Read More

FTPS Vs. SFTP – Which One Will Keep Your Information Safe?

Any company that transfers files across networks uses FTP to some extent. FTP allows users to upload, download, and delete files. You can also create, delete, and read the contents of directories.

There are some problems with using FTP, though. Anybody that knows how to sniff the packets of information you send using FTP can read passwords, commands and file contents in regular text.… Read More