Here’s What You Need to Consider to Help Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Service Company

reliable service company

Across just about every industry, companies are spending billions on tech and trying to outdo the competition.

Year after year, the amount of data that both customers and companies store is ballooning. If you’re looking to get an edge, you need a reliable service company for your web hosting needs.… Read More

FTPS Vs. SFTP – Which One Will Keep Your Information Safe?

Any company that transfers files across networks uses FTP to some extent. FTP allows users to upload, download, and delete files. You can also create, delete, and read the contents of directories.

There are some problems with using FTP, though. Anybody that knows how to sniff the packets of information you send using FTP can read passwords, commands and file contents in regular text.… Read More

What Does SSL Connection Error Mean and How to Fix It

ssl connection error

Did you know that more than one-third of today’s websites use an SSL certificate?

That’s a huge increase since just a couple of years ago, about 7% of websites worldwide used SSL certificates.

However, most internet users have seen the “SSL connection error” displayed when they try to access a website.… Read More

What Is SSH And How Does It Keep Information Safe

Every day, there’s an out of control war waged online. No, it’s not the political wars you see on Twitter. Instead, it’s an arms race between criminals and those that seek to protect important information.

This war matters. In 2018, companies lost billions of dollars due to data breaches in 2018.… Read More

.IE Domain Names: Statistics, Trends, and Applications

.IE Domain Names

In 2018, applicants registered 51,040 new .IE domain names in a record-breaking year. That’s an average of about 140 new .IE registrations every day. By the end of 2018, they’d registered an all-time total of 262,140 .IE domain names.

These impressive stats show that .IE popularity is booming.… Read More

Attention All WordPress Users: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest WordPress Version (WordPress 5.0)

latest wordpress version

After several weeks of anticipation, WordPress 5.0 is finally out with major changes in tow.

One such change is the new block-based editor called Gutenberg. It replaces the old editor and comes with new functions to make editing and building easier.… Read More

5 Qualities to Look for in an Irish Hosting Provider

Irish hosting provider

Back in 2017, Internet penetration in Ireland was at 94%. With a total population of 4.9 million, that means over 4.6 million have access to the Internet!

What’s more, 70% of these Irish Internet users go online every day. Their top reason for going online is to look up details about goods and services.… Read More