10 Essential Lead Scoring Metrics to Boost Your Sales and Revenue

lead scoring metrics

Ask any entrepreneur, marketer, or business developer. They’ll tell you that by far the majority of the work that goes into closing a sale comes during the “prospecting” phase.

This involves using the right marketing techniques in order to reach out to the masses. … Read More

Time to Say Goodbye: 5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Website Host

change website host

When you’ve been managing your website for a while, it’s tempting to stay with the same web host for simplicity and familiarity.

However, not switching could be costing you in sales, web traffic, and reputation.

A slow website or one that offers a clunky user experience is going to turn customers away from you.… Read More

Digital Marketing vs Social Media: Why You Need Both to Succeed

digital marketing vs social media

Digital marketing and a social media platform are two different things, although they may sound kind of similar.

It’s essential that you not only know the difference between digital marketing vs social media but that you have clear efforts to use both of them to your advantage.… Read More

Your Complete Guide to International Drop Shipping Laws

international drop shipping

While creating a successful side business may seem like a challenge, even 14-year-olds are currently raking in six figures through international drop shipping. The business model continues to be a well-defined formula for success, as long as you know the methods and logistics.… Read More

The Importance of a Google SSL Certificate for Your Irish Website

google ssl certificate

The digital world expands every day and people do everything online. They order food, shop and provide sensitive information on thousands of websites…and they expect everything to be safe.

When it comes to Google, a Google SSL certificate is a must have.… Read More

The Smart Online Business Owner’s Web Hosting Review 2019 Edition

web hosting review 2019

Did you know that one hour of downtime cost Amazon almost $100 million in lost sales?

Granted, smaller businesses won’t have worry about losing that much. Still, it goes to show how much a company could lose due to their website being down.… Read More

Superfast! Here’s How to Measure the Speed of Your Website

how to measure speed

Ask around to any expert in data transfer, internet marketing, or tech support and they’ll all tell you that slow websites can kill your business. If you’re not measuring the speed of your website, you could be losing viewers and visitors without even realizing it.… Read More

The 2019 Small Business Owner’s Guide to Affordable Email Marketing Softwarehttps://www.host.ie

email marketing software,

In 1978, Gary Thuerk sent out the first ever sales promotion to an email marketing list. Several hundred Arpanet (an early internet prototype) users opened an ad for computer manufacturer DEC.

This first incarnation of “junk mail” brought in a whopping $13 million in sales.… Read More