15 SEO Podcasts to Help Busy Entrepreneurs Step Up Their Game

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Back in the day, people had their favourite radio shows they’d listen to at the same time each day or week. While that’s not as popular as it once was, we’ve replaced it with something better: podcasts. After all, you can listen to podcasts any time you want.

In fact, around 40% of people in Ireland have listened to at least one podcast in the past month. With podcasts being that popular, what are people listening to?

While many podcasts are entertainment-focused, there are plenty of educational ones too. Business owners and executives, in particular, have a treasure trove of helpful podcasts.

To get started, check out these awesome podcasts about a crucial topic for any business: search engine optimization. Following any SEO podcast is a great first step toward a more successful website.

Top SEO Podcasts

A podcast is a perfect way to turn your commute or your evening cup of tea into a learning opportunity. Of course, some podcasts are more worthy of your time than others. Here are our favourites.

1. The Recipe for SEO Success

You might not be able to cook your way into better SEO, but this podcast does guide you in improving your SEO the old-fashioned way.

Host Kate Toon has been teaching online SEO courses for years. She first started this podcast as a complement to her courses. If you don’t have the time or budget for the courses, though, her podcast is still a valuable listen.

Kate gears her podcast toward people who are in other roles but are doing their own SEO. For instance, that includes small business owners for new websites, website owners, bloggers, and more. She speaks to people who aren’t SEO experts by trade but want to boost their skills.

Within that group, though, some of Kate’s podcasts are more advanced than others. She labels each podcast as either “Newbie” for SEO novices or “Techie” for those who want more advanced tips.

2. Edge of the Web – an SEO Podcast for Today’s Digital Marketer

While Kate Toon’s podcast is primarily a one-person show, Edge of the Web has a more interview-heavy format. It’s hosted by Erin Sparks who embraces a light and comical tone.

This podcast isn’t just limited to SEO. Erin discusses plenty of topics within the digital marketing realm. Still, he devotes much of his time to SEO because it’s such a core piece of digital marketing strategy.

Want to focus on SEO alone? No problem! This podcast has been chugging along since 2012, so there’s a huge cache of previous episodes to choose from.

3. SEOBits.fm

While Edge of the Web is one of the longest-running SEO podcasts around, SEOBits.fm is one of the more recent newcomers. Still, host Rebecca Gill has around 15 years of SEO experience so there’s nothing “newcomer” about her expertise.

This podcast is perfect for those of you with short commutes or short attention spans. Each episode is only around 15 minutes long. Compare that to most podcasts which last around an hour.

True to the “SEOBits” name, each episode is a quick snippet of information about a particular topic. Rebecca caters her content to bloggers, website owners, and freelancers who are learning to manage their own websites’ SEO. If you’re a beginner, this podcast is a great way to learn the basics one strategy at a time.

4. SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

While SEOBits is all about basics for beginners, The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing is the opposite. It’s all about bringing SEO pros up to speed on the latest articles and ideas.

Hosts Matt Bertram and Chris Burres are their own experts in this great podcast. They chat about current trending topics in the SEO world and offer a valuable tip fo the day with each episode.

The hosts also put plenty of emphasis on answering direct questions. They dedicate time each episode to answering questions listeners pose on their Twitter. It’s a great way to get answers to questions you never knew you had.

5. Webcology on WebmasterRadio.fm

SEO doesn’t exist within a vacuum. To perform it well, you need to understand other elements of the web and digital marketing too. That’s the need that Webcology seeks to meet.

Hosts Jim Hedger and Dave Davies dive into everything web-related. SEO is their key focus, but they also discuss topics like social media and pay-per-click ads in the context of SEO.

Unlike most podcasts, Webcology has a unique twist: it’s recorded live. While you can listen to past episodes on demand, there’s something fun about tuning in and hearing the experts’ insights in real time. As an added bonus, Jim and Dave have a way to injecting humour into each discussion.

6. The Authority Hacker Podcast

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of the popular blog Authority Hacker. If not, it’s a great blog to start following, especially if you find out you enjoy the Authority Hacker Podcast.

This podcast is hosted by the same forces behind Authority Hacker: Gael Breton and Mike Webster. It covers a variety of helpful SEO and internet marketing topics to help your site become an “authority” in your niche.

The hosts use their podcast as a place to chat about topics that aren’t good fits for their blog. While they offer many strategies to help your site become more authoritative, SEO is a key focus.

7. The Agents of Change

As the hosts for many of these podcasts recognize, it’s helpful to discuss SEO alongside other digital marketing tactics. This podcast focuses on three strategies that are the “agents of change”: search, social, and the mobile web.

Every week, host Rich Brooks delves into one or all of these areas. He focuses on the most effective ways to make a difference in your web presence and your bottom line.

As much of an expert as Rich Brooks may be, he doesn’t limit the podcast to his own knowledge. By interviewing industry experts, he provides a wider scope of information for his listeners.

8. Marketing Speak

Most podcasts go one of two routes. Either the host is an expert who’s sharing their knowledge or they’re interviewing experts instead. Marketing Speak has the best of both worlds.

Host Stephan Spencer is an SEO pro in his own right. On his podcast, though, each episode features a guest expert he interviews. While SEO is a common topic of conversation, Stephan spreads plenty of knowledge about other digital marketing topics too.

Our favourite aspect of Marketing Speak, though, is the handy Marketing Speak website that goes with it. For each episode, they offer a full transcript for those who aren’t the listening types. They also provide a helpful checklist of ways to implement the wisdom from the episode.

9. Internet Marketing: Insider Tips and Advice for Online Marketing

When it comes to professional podcasts in Europe, they don’t get much more popular than this.

In each episode of Internet Marketing, host Andy White brings in valuable expert insight. His goal is to help you solve the biggest problems plaguing your internet marketing efforts.

As an added bonus, the episodes don’t require an hour-long commitment like many podcasts. They’re 30 easy minutes or less that will expand your knowledge bit by bit.

10. The Digital Analytics Power Hour

As we mentioned, most podcasts follow either an interview format or a monologue format. The Digital Analytics Power Hour, on the other hand, feels more like your eavesdropping on a professional chat session at a pub.

This podcast features three hosts: Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson, and Moe Kiss. They’re all experts in business analytics who are happy to share their round table discussions for our benefit.

The hosts talk about the latest news and articles in web analytics including SEO. They each have their own takes and opinions, giving you plenty of different perspectives to take in.

11. MozPod

As enjoyable and energizing as The Digital Analytics Power Hour can be, the chatter can feel overstimulating at times. If you prefer a more structured, interview-style podcast, MozPod is what you’re looking for.

While MozPod has only been around since 2017, host Brian Childs already has a grasp on want his audience wants. In each episode, he interviews a different expert in the world of SEO and digital marketing.

Unlike some podcasts on this list, MozPod is meant for those in the SEO field. Brian’s goal is to provide a daily dose of knowledge enhancement to get you up to speed on the industry’s latest.

12. Search Engine Nerds

Search Engine Journal is one of the most helpful and widely read sites when it comes to SEO pointers. To expand their legacy, the folks at Search Engine Journal started a podcast called Search Engine Nerds.

In each episode, a “search engine nerd” from the SEJ team takes over the microphone. They interview industry leaders and pick their brains for all the latest tips and tricks you need.

One of the best aspects of Search Engine Nerds is that the hosts vary from one episode to the next. If you find yourself tuning out when you hear the same voice over and over, this one’s for you.

13. Experts On the Wire

Experts On the Wire is true to its name. In every episode, host Dan Shure interviews a new expert guest on their top tips and insights to help you boost your SEO skills.

Of course, it helps that Dan is an SEO expert himself with over a decade of experience. The episodes turn into lively discussions about the merits of various techniques and how to uses them.

To make sure the content is meaningful for you, Dan also pulls tons of questions from his Twitter to answer. If you have specific SEO or content marketing questions stumping you, this podcast is a great way to get answers.

14. SEO 101 on WebmasterRadio.fm

Break out the confetti because this podcast is hitting a milestone: ten years on the air! Since 2009, hosts Ross Dunn and John Carcutt have been dishing out key SEO tips on their popular podcast.

There’s a reason this podcast has “SEO 101” in the title. It focuses on the basics for those with entry-level SEO knowledge. If you’re a blogger or a small business owner, it’s a great way to start learning how to enhance your site.

While the basics are their focus, Ross and John don’t get behind the times. They also share insight into major algorithm changes and updates to the industry. There aren’t many podcasts that offer both basic knowledge and recent updates, but this is one of them.

15. Search Talk Live

For SEO novices, it can be tricky to find the line between clever strategies and black hat SEO tactics. This pitfall takes down many websites who just think they’re being creative.

Search Talk Live addresses that problem directly. Host Robert O’Haver is an expert in all things SEO. In each episode, he talks about SEO best practices. Just as importantly, he talks about what NOT to do as well.

Beyond sharing his own knowledge, Robert spends the episodes interviewing other guests as well. These guests are high-ranking experts in their SEO niches and are happy to share their latest insights and opinions.

Getting Up to Speed

Digital marketing as a whole is a hard field to master. There’s a lot to know and there are countless strategies to try. SEO presents a special challenge, though.

In SEO, there’s a constant back-and-forth between website owners and search engines. Search engines are always making changes to narrow down the most relevant and reliable content for their users. As a result, an SEO pro needs to be on the ball and make changes to keep up.

In the day-to-day grind, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest in the SEO world. Each SEO podcast above can help you get up to speed without spending hours reading journals each month.

Of course, the first step to a successful website is finding the right hosting. For help, reach out to our web hosting experts to improve your site today.