13 Domain Name Generators to Pick the Perfect Website Name

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So you’ve got the perfect idea for a website. Great! Getting it up and running isn’t as easy as coming up with the idea, though.

Before you can create your website you’ll need to choose a domain name.

Choosing your domain name isn’t always a simple process. The name you want may be too long, or it may already be taken.

So what do you do in those cases? If you’re stumped when it comes to finding the right domain name for your website, we’ve got you covered. Here are 13 domain name generators you can use to find the perfect solution.

1. Lean Domain Search

All you need to get started with Lean Domain Search is a keyword. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Are you creating a makeup website? Then simply type in “makeup” and see what comes up.

Since you’re searching by keyword, you’ll be hit with tons of options. Maybe too many for your liking. But you won’t find any shortage, that’s for sure.

If you’d like to narrow your search results, try using multiple words. For example, “makeup” will likely bring up more options than “organic makeup” or “affordable makeup”.

Once your search results pop up you can filter them to make things easier. As you find options you like, save them for future reference.

This tool is great if you don’t have much of an idea for your domain name. You’ll get tons of options that’ll help you find the right one.

2. Namestation

Namestation takes things a bit further than using just keywords. You will use those keywords when generating domain name ideas. The bonus here is you can also enter the niche your website falls into.

This helps you come up with an even more specialized domain name. You’ll instantly narrow the results to the kind of name you want.

Say you have a cooking website and a company name that includes “Swordfish” in the title. Using that keyword may end up giving you some domain names that don’t really match since you could also use a swordfish as a sports team mascot.

Another great thing about Namestation is that you can specifically search for names that are available. That way you know you won’t fall in love with a domain name you can’t have.

3. Domainr

If you’re familiar with searching on Google, you’ll know just how to use this idea generator. As you type in your keywords it shows ideas in a drop-down menu.

Domainr does differentiate between domain names that are available and those that are not. Search results that are available show up with a “For Sale” tag next to them. Those that aren’t available are marked as “Taken”.

If you’re looking for something with a different extension than “.com” this is a good place to look. You’ll have a handful of options, but you can still get a “.com” extension if you’d like to.

This domain name generator is extremely easy to use. It’s lightning fast, too. As soon as you enter your keywords, suggestions start appearing.

4. Bust a Name

Bust a Name is a great resource if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Even if you don’t, it’ll help you narrow things down to ideas you haven’t previously thought of.

This site lets you enter keywords, much like the other sites in this list, but it adds some pretty great options beyond that. You’ll have various filters to choose from, and you can specify what you’re looking for even more.

If you’d like your domain name to start with a specific word, you can tell the site that’s what you want. Or you can specify what the domain name should end with.

Different extensions are available and you can even limit how many characters you’d like to have. Whenever you find an option you like, you can save it. Then you can go back and look at all your favorites together and narrow the list down to one.

5. Nameboy

If you’d like to find a name based on multiple keywords, try using Nameboy. You can enter two keywords at once when you search.

Search results show up in a chart format. It clearly shows your ideas, as well as what extensions are available.

Nameboy gets really creative in that it shows you ideas that are similar to your query using hyphens and even rhyming words. This is a great tool, especially if everything close to what you wanted is already taken.

Beyond providing ideas, their website also provides guidance for choosing the best domain names.

6. NameTumbler

NameTumbler also lets you search using more than one keyword. Once you’ve entered those keywords you’ll be presented with options that use different combinations of the words.

If you’d only like to see certain extensions to show up in your results you can select filters to control that. This can save you a lot of time since you won’t have to read through a bunch of name ideas you wouldn’t even consider using.

This page is simple and easy to use, and you can use as many search terms as you’d like.

7. NameStall

You’ll love the filters provided on NameStall. They’ll help you find the perfect domain name for your new site.

Filters even let you narrow your search to certain parts of speech. Or you can search using only popular keywords.

Select options to further tell the generator tool what you’re looking for. These options include if you’d like hyphens included or not. You can also specify which extensions you’re interested in and which ones you’re not.

8. Shopify Business Name Generator

The name of this tool may be misleading. You can still use this even if you already have a business name in mind. It also gives you great domain ideas.

And the ideas they provide are available. You’ll use a keyword and that single keyword will bring up tons of options.

You won’t get to specify extension endings, though. The options you’re provided with are limited to “.com” endings.

Once you’ve found the domain name you want, you can purchase it through Shopify or from another site.

9. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler is a great place to find a successful domain name. Not only will it give you great ideas, but it also shows you how each name would rank.

So you don’t just end up with a great domain name. You end up with one that you know will do well.

Search using several keywords to get a great variety of results. Add more options by using the advanced search tool, or keep things simple with the easy version.

10. Name Mesh

Name Mesh is another simple yet powerful name generator site. You’ll use multiple keywords to tell the site exactly what you want.

Simply enter the keywords you want and click “generate”.

Different categories help you narrow your search to what you need. Once you have a list of ideas, apply filters to narrow things even further.

Filter include things like searching for only unregistered domains and limiting your results to ones with certain extensions.

11. Panabee

Panabee is great if you’re looking for variations based on the keywords you provide. You’ll get all sorts of combinations that’ll help you get your creative juices flowing.

One convenient feature is the up-front notice regarding cost. Each domain provided is listed with a price. That way, you won’t have any surprises when you finally decide on a domain name.

To get ideas, simply input keywords and hit “search”. It’s as easy as that!

To help you build your online presence even more, Panabee also lets you know about social media names you could use.

12. DomainsBot

This site looks super simple but it’s actually very powerful. You can even search for options in languages other than English.

Type your keyword or keywords in and see what comes up. Or, you can filter your options down by selecting one or more extensions you’d like to see.

Are you willing to have adult content in your domain name? You can select yes or no.

You can also specify if you’d prefer dashes or not.

Overall, this site lets you totally customize the search results you’ll see. And it all happens with just a few clicks.

13. Impossibility!

As with the other sites on this list, you’ll start your search on Impossibility! with keywords. After that, though, your experience is pretty different than you’ll see on other sites.

Instead of narrowing your sites down with filters, you instead use various types of words to help build your list. For example, you can specify that you’d like to add adjectives to the beginning of your keyword.

This site is always worth a try. You may come up with some fun ideas you don’t find elsewhere.

Try These Domain Name Generators Today

Coming up with a unique and usable domain name can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply hop on one of these domain name generators today and you could have a winning idea within only a few minutes.

From short and funny to the perfect length, you’re sure to find an option that works for you. Start by choosing some keywords and see where they can take you!

Once you’ve found a great domain name you’ll need someone to host it. When you’re ready, we’ve got you covered! Click here to see the options we have available.