10 Creative Lead Generation Ideas for Your Online Business

lead generation ideas

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers, getting them to log onto your site and finally buy your products. It is all about getting your customers to know about your business, understand your products, and lead to more sales.

The success of your business highly depends on how much lead you can generate. It doesn’t matter how big your business is and how you offer high-quality products. Without leads, your business is doomed to fail terribly.

While the whole process is not that easy, there is a range of tactics you can use to attract prospective clients and turn them into sales opportunities. This article will highlight 10 lead generation ideas for your online business.

1. Stay in Touch

The first way to generate leads to your online business is to stay in touch with your customers. You can start by engaging your customers through questions and answer, forums, etc.

You should also ensure you automate follow up emails so that you catch the attention of your previous customers to ensure they always come back whenever they need to make a purchase. Automating your emails means you can reach several customers at a go and give you an easy time with management issues.

2. Make Use of Customer Reviews

It is said that happy customers always come back and are happy to recommend your business to others. Well, if your customers are satisfied, they will be happy to leave reviews.

Don’t take these reviews lightly because they have the potential to expand your brand presence since they have a huge presence in an organic. These reviews will make your business get noticed especially if the person offering the review has a strong SEO presence. This means you will easily get found by prospective clients online without paying a single cent.

3. Host a Giveaway

Customers love free things, and giveaways and discounts will easily get their attention. While this is one of the most successful ways of generating leads, it can also bring in junk lead that will not add any value to your business. Make sure the giveaways are what your customers need. Ensure you give your customers a simple task to perform before they get the free giveaways.

You can get them to subscribe to your emails, like your social media pages or refer their friends to your site. You can also start a competition where the winner gets a prize. This way, even if they lose, they will still stay in touch for future opportunities.

If you run an eCommerce website, this is definitely something you should consider.

4. Network

Networking is another best idea of reaching out to your prospects is through business networking. While all the social networks and everything digital offers a good and easy platform to interact with customers, you won’t believe how face-to-face conversation can lead to high lead generation for your online business.

If you get to talk to your customers face to face, you get the opportunity to inform them about your business and your products without appearing too sales-y. You should not only network with your customers, but you should also interact with other businesses so that you can share and borrow ideas from each other.

5. Focus on Link Building

Another important way to get leads to your online business is through links. You can link your business to blogs, industry sites, and listings. Backlinks also add value to your site for the search engine and can do good work for generating new leads for your business.

You should find sites that give backlinks and get them to link to your sites. You should focus on linking to high authority sites and those that have most visitors so that you get quality leads back to your site. You can also consider linking back to the site so that you both benefit from each other in some way.

6. Blog

Blogging is a great way to fill your website with content and keep it fresh and active. This also builds your visibility in Google keywords so that customers find you when they search for information online. This is not only a great way of generating leads but also help build trust with your customers.

Your blog content should give your customers important information so that you achieve your mission of generating leads. You should also focus on experts in your industry so that you reach out to them and encourage them to share your content to help you generate more leads. Reach out to other bloggers and request them to promote all link to your site through posts and backlinks.

7. Make Use of New Technology

New technology will help you learn and adopt new trends in the market that can help you have a better approach to getting potential customers to your online business. For instance, one of the newest and most used technologies these days are smartphones.

People browse and access their emails using smartphones. To reach out to these customers, must ensure your website is compatible with these devices so that you can reach many people and generate enough leads.

You should also create apps so that people can download them in their smartphones. The whole point about this is that you should keep your eyes open to emerging technologies and ensure you adopt them into your business.

8. Find Leads on Social Media

Social media is a very good source of potential leads for an online business. There are very active audiences on several social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn among others.

While these people are just here for entertainment purposes, you can turn them into leads if you play your cards well. Post content about your site and invite people to like your page.

You can also post high-quality images and videos to attract the attention of potential customers and turn them into leads. A social media site such as Linkedln is more focus on business and will even allow you to publish content to an already engaged audience hence give you an easy time to reach to the customers.

Another great social media site that is more popular than Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn is YouTube. If you’re a business person, you should know that YouTube is not just an entertainment platform but a good opportunity for business people to get to their customers.

YouTube posts remain there for a long time which keeps your content under your audience’s domain for a long time.

9. Engage Your Audience

Promoting your business online to get more leads requires you to stay active. You should create forums where you communicate with your customers and allow them to share their views, opinions, and experiences. Allow them to ask questions and respond to them the best way you can.

You can also ask them what they expect and any improvements they want you to make on your products. By talking to your customers, listening to their views, you not only learn what improvements your business needs but you also gain the trust of your customers.

If any of the participants in your forums wants to buy a product similar to what you’re selling, they will probably buy from you.

10. Give Free Trials

f you want to generate leads to your business, you need to show some generosity to your customers by giving them free trials. Customers will appreciate trying out a few products before they make a purchase.

When the customers are able to try your products before buying, they see the value and get confident, and as a result, they will end up coming to you when they need the same product. You also give your brand an opportunity to sell itself and give the customers a chance to buy without pressure.

Need Help Executing These Lead Generation Ideas?

There are so many lead generation ideas that you can try for your business. You should, however, understand the nature of your business and know which ones will work and which ones won’t. This is because businesses differ in many ways and one thing that works for your neighbor may not work for you.

You should set your priorities right, understand your business, plan well and know what you want to achieve at the end of the day. Also, understand that not all leads turn to customers and you may end up wasting a lot of time focusing on people that won’t add value to your business.

Lastly, you also have to make sure that you have a website that runs fastly and smoothly, otherwise, your potential leads may get scared off. To get your website to run responsively, you need a good web hosting service. We encourage you to check out our website hosting plans.

We can deliver the speed you need to convert all the leads your website can gather.