10 Best Online Tools to for Website Malware Removal

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Is security a top priority for running your website? Do you want to avoid the nightmare of confidential information about you, your business, or a loved one being stolen?

If so, you’re in luck, because we happen to know a few services that can handle this problem. There are tools out there that make sure that data is recovered and shielded from hackers.

Whatever service you choose to use should be able to recognize a variety of online threats. Response time is also crucial, as it will determine what else can be stolen and what can be recovered.

Using our digital services will make it easy to figure out what tools will work for you. They consider what information you make available for the world to see, as well as how you set up your website.

Here are the 10 best online tools for website malware removal.

1. Sucuri

Some anti-malware services focus on keeping your data safe from viruses and criminals, while others pay more attention to recovering what was lost. Sucuri ensures that you have the best of both worlds.

This option is able to pull it off thanks to its firewall, which is designed to recognize brute force attempts of information theft. If you use WordPress, Joomla, and other popular content management systems, Sucuri has you covered.

You won’t have to download or install software to get this system running because it works in the cloud. It’s also not limited in the type of websites it can fix or help stay safe.

Detecting which kind of malware is attacking your computer is also possible. Additionally, Sucuri focuses on responding to any problems you have within 4 to 12 hours to guarantee a speedy recovery.

2. WPScans

Some of you may prefer to use WordPress to set up your websites. In this case, WPScan may be the best website malware removal tool for you.

This WordPress vulnerability scanner is able to figure out what areas of your site are affected and the best ways to get them back into shape. It lets people use instant scans for a quick checkup or regular scans for more in-depth searches for issues.

Push notifications are included to let you know when you need to update your website. You can receive these notifications through emails or texts so that you can make necessary changes at your earliest convenience.

It also helps to take advantage of automatic scanning if you want to guarantee security for your WordPress site. This grants you more peace of mind with WPScans so that you always have an eye out for potential problems.

3. SiteLock

One factor that plays into how to remove malware from websites is the speed of recognition. One tool that has this factor covered is SiteLock.

This is accomplished with a combination of technology that automatically recognizes problems and the involvement of human beings. SiteLock’s security experts are well-educated in potential issues that can ruin your website’s reputation.

With the SiteLock911 feature, your files are downloaded and scanned for viruses that managed to sneak into your computer. It then uploads affected files to the server for correction.

It helps to use automatic and daily scanning if your business operates for long periods than others. This ensures that your website is being monitored on a regular basis.

4. Quttera

Running a website that is available to people around the world puts you at a greater risk of getting hacked. That’s where services like Quttera come in.

Quttera is able to keep track of websites that operate in over 30 countries. This comes in handy if you have offices running in other parts of the world and have people running your site in these areas.

This option runs harness tests on a regular basis to make sure that its security features are always working. Its Web Application Firewall keeps your website’s data out of the hands of malicious visitors and strange requests for access.

Responses are on time, and Quttera makes its services available for free. This can help businesses in the biggest fields put up security blocks quickly and easily.

5. Fix My Site for Website Malware Removal

Certain software is designed to get rid of viruses that can keep your website from working. One prime example is Fix My Site, which uses its abilities to make your site looking good as new.

Fix My Site considers every avenue that malware can take to get into your site and steal or ruin data. Database entries and backdoors are scanned, and the right updates are made.

Once your files are cleaned up, this tool puts in the best measures that keep the same problems from happening again. You will then receive a report of what was corrected and the current state of your site.

Using this service will also affect how search engines include your site in search results. You won’t have to deal with Google or Bing blacklisting you, as they will be notified that your site is back in the game.

6. Wordfence

Another reliable service for WordPress users is Wordfence, especially if you want issues solved as soon as possible. This is also a good option for both blocking and removing harmful content.

Users get a report on what was found and how it was removed. Wordfence also provides a checklist for what you can do to keep these incidents from happening again.

Providing a report allows you to make the necessary changes for self-management. This can come in handy in case you come to a point where you are unable to use Wordfence for a period of time.

Knowing how attackers got into your website also goes a long way in improving protection. We advise signing up for the Wordfence Premium license if you want to avoid hacking that requires an FBI investigation.

7. SiteGuarding

Joomla is among the most popular content management system, which makes it a heavy target for hacking. Users will want to see what SiteGuarding can do for them.

Time is not a factor when it comes to security, as cleanups take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. This comes in handy if you want to improve security to prevent problems that may happen that same day.

You can use this service to check on core files that may have personal information involving you or other people in your company. This can also help with securing photos, messages, and other data relating to friends and family.

All potential access points are analyzed so that malware can’t get back in. You also won’t have to worry about your site getting blacklisted by Google, Norton, McAfee, and other big names in the online world.

8. StopTheHacker

Getting educated on malware removal is another benefit of using professional services. One option that gives you the knowledge to handle issues on your own is StopTheHacker.

Scans are available for both quick checkups or complete examinations of all aspects of your website. You will be able to figure out which specific malware attacked you so that they are never a problem in the future.

StopTheHacker also takes reputation and blacklist monitoring so that your business isn’t affected. Whatever search engine you use for SEO will be notified when your site has been fixed.

Making social media safe to use is another benefit of StopTheHacker. This service scans your Facebook page and enables protection from spam and scams so that customers can safely stay in touch with your company online.

9. Virusdie

The best services for malware removal are those that can detect viruses quickly and destroy them at the same rate. One prime example of this type of tool is Virusdie.

Different sources of security issues are taken into consideration for your safety. Virusdie keeps an eye out for malware that can come from cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and denial-of-service attacks.

This tool is another on this list that uses a firewall to keep criminals out and correct any problems that resulted from their entry. Your website is also scanned on a regular basis for assurance.

Installation is also unnecessary with this option. Syncing your site with Virusdie and getting its features, such as Firewall and AntiVirus, is all you need to do.

10. Comodo cWatch

The easier you are able to use your malware removal tool, the less time you’ll have to spend worrying about your computer’s safety. Comodo cWatch has you covered in this case.

This service is completely free, and it provides surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result, less work is required on your end.

Its Content Delivery Network makes sure that people have easy access to your site once everything is cleaned up. Keeping an eye out for potential issues on a regular basis also results in a quick response time in case malware does come up.

Comodo cWatch also has security experts easily available in case you have any questions about how your website was fixed and what you can do to ensure that it stays secure. You can also learn how to use certain tools to make your website safer to use.

Our Take

Picking the right tool for website malware removal involves figuring out how to remove viruses and what to do to make sure they don’t make their way into your site again. Having a variety of features at your disposal, as well as constant scanning, is the way to go.

It also helps to have experts easily accessible in case you have any questions regarding how to deal with potential problems in the future. With the right service, you can clean up your site in no time and enjoy safe use going forward.

Check out more of our website management tips today so that you can keep your site in prime shape on a regular basis.