We’ve partnered together with Softaculous to make installing applications a breeze! You’re able to install any script in moments instead of hours. With over 400 applications to choose from, you’ll never be subject to being “stuck” with an application. Get ready to build something AMAZING!

Webs Apps

Top Scripts

Deploy or import your applications with ease!

Each new Go or Basic hosting account comes with access to Softaculous, a leader in the web application deployment. Easily connect a current support web application or use their one-click app installer. Within minutes you can have your new e-commerce site or blog up and running for the world to see. With hundreds of applications readily avaiable you'll be able to spend more time creating rather than dealing with overly complicated install instructions.

Heaps of applications available!

Whether you're starting your first blog or developing a company wide WIKI, there are lots of applications to get the job done. We know choosing the right piece of software is very important, so to make things simpler, Softaculous maintains Scripts demos you can browse through the scripts and then choose the right script for your needs.

Security through automation!

Security is paramount to everything on the web. For that reason we work with Softaculous who maintains the scripts we support. Make sure to enable automatic updates to ensure that your application is secure and up to date.